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There’s something about Crocs™ shoes and children.  Our shoes spark the imagination – which fuels the innocence and fun of childhood.  It’s one of the reasons why Crocs™ are so popular with children and their parents.  It’s not just something you wear – it’s about a lifestyle.  Fun.  Carefree.  Everything childhood should be about.


Just for the girls, we have a new edition that will add a bit more style with the same amount of fun involved.  The Gabby is a sling back flat similar to Mom’s Olivia.  It includes a butterfly Jibbitz™ charmthe Gabby allows girls to flutter around and enjoy those spring and summer moments of childhood that feel like they’ll never end.

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The Official Crocs, Inc. Group on Flickr® is a place where our fans congregate and add pictures of our products – like the Juneau above. For the members of the group, Feel Good is about capturing moments of time with their cameras. They find joy and fun in the angles, composition, and beauty of a photograph. Here at Crocs™, we’re Feel Good about being able to be a part of that.

Don’t forget to join the Official Crocs, Inc. Group on Flickr®. You can also upload fan pictures at the Crocs, Inc. Fan Page on Facebook. Join both and become an active part of the Crocs™ community.

I’m lucky here at Crocs, Inc. because I get to interact with some of our favorite bloggers and get develop some great relationships. Some of our friends on the web are actually up for awards! The 9th annual weblog awards™  – or Bloggies™ – is “an annual non-profit ceremony that celebrates the best in blogging.” To be nominated for these awards is a huge compliment in itself – to win is something few actually get to experience. Since we have some nominees that are a part of our Crocs™ community – let’s see if we can help them win!

2009 BloggiesFor Best photography of a weblog – we have Secret Agent Mama. Mishelle is a part of the Official Crocs, Inc. group on and, as you can see from her work, an artist when it comes to photography. Hopefully we’ll be able to hear more from Mishelle about photography here and on Flickr®!

2009 Bloggies

For Best Canadian Blog – we have Mommy Blogger “Mr. Lady” and her WIMSC. Mr. Lady is one of a kind and she has a very large Crocs™ shoes collection – including her favorite You by Crocs™ boots. I feel like I laugh daily reading her blog and we send her much love from her home state of Colorado!

2009 Bloggies

For Best Travel Blog – we have Traveling Mamas. I haven’t talked with all of them, but Desert Mama is super sweet! They’ll be doing a review of our Spring Line soon and we’re excited to hear some feedback from them!

If you’re reading this, YOU are part of the Crocs™ community too. Don’t be shy – comment below and tell us something about yourself! We love finding new and exciting blogs – so if you write one, leave us a link below!


We like to talk about how our footwear is Proven Feel Good. We like that phrase because we feel like it summarizes everything we are. It’s not just the comfort – although that’s a huge part of it. It’s about the way it makes you feel. From the smiles on children’s faces, the relief we provide those with foot pain, and the casual versatility we give to those on the go – we’ve proven throughout the years that we will help you get that Feel Good feeling at the end of the day.


For me, feel good also means helping others. What we started last year and continue to do in 2009 through our SolesUnited program is proof that we can help people worldwide. The Samaritan’s Feet donation of 50,000 pairs kicked off the New Year with a bang. Now, Crocs™ has teamed up with Brother’s Brother Foundation and  Children International to donate 10,000 pairs of clogs made from recycled materials to impoverished children in Ecuador.




Now – what do all these shoes mean? It means that these children won’t have to go barefoot anymore. It means they will be able to avoid cuts and scratches that often turn to infection and disease. It means they can feel good – in ways that we often take for granted.





As I’ve said before and I’ll say repeatedly as we continue donations like this at home and abroad – this makes me proud to come to work each day at Crocs, Inc. Take a minute and check out each foundation and think of ways that you can help out in your community or abroad!

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Hi there! I’m Avery and I work in Marketing at Crocs, Inc. I’ve been a big fan of the X Games for as long as I can remember and I’ve always dreamed of being there in person. I grew up in Norwich, VT where we practically breed extreme athletes: for example Olympians Hannah Kearney and Kevin Pearce. Needless to say when the opportunity arose to work at a Crocs™ promotional event in Aspen during the X Games, I didn’t hesitate.

The event was truly amazing and we had a great time interacting with other fans of Crocs™ and the X Games through an entertaining capture the moment photography activity- part of our new Proven Feel Good brand campaign launch (more to come!). We collected over 1,000 photos that we are going to share with everyone showcasing peoples fun times in Aspen testing our winterized product collection (such as the Ambler, Nadia, Nanook, and our line of Mammoth products) – keep checking back to the Official Crocs, Inc Group on Flickr® for those great photos!

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I was at my favorite coffee shop in Boulder last weekend when I saw something tragic – the rivet on the side of someone’s Beach style Crocs™ shoe snapped!  I sat there for a second and realized I could save the day.  I shuffled through my messenger bag and pulled out a rivet.  I went up to the guy and told him I could help, replaced his broken rivet, told him he probably should buy a new pair (they looked pretty old) and wished him luck as he continued with his day.

Of course, I won’t always be there should your rivet break nor do I carry rivets with me all the time (although I do keep a small bag in my messenger bag for just such occasions) – but don’t worry, our Customer Service Team is here to help!  Instead of calling our Customer Service line, you can simply click here and order a new set of rivets free of charge!

If you have any other customer service issues, you can always call our Customer Service line at 1-866-306-3179.


I am an avid camper. Every year I anticipate the month of November… That’s when camping season in Inverness, FL starts for the fall. We camp in some of most beautiful and enormous forests in Florida. One weekend, I forgot my hiking boots. There are many limestone caves and areas of mud pits, trails and clay dunes to climb and trek over. The only shoes I had were my shower shoe flip flops and my Crocs[™ shoes]. Well, I had no choice but to wear my Crocs[™ shoes]. They were the perfect shoes for the weekend! The soles gripped, I could rinse off mud and clay easily, and they embraced my feet through the rough terrain during hikes. They were the perfect camping shoes. From that weekend on, I brought nothing but my Crocs[™ shoes] for all of my camping adventures! I love CROCS!

Stephanie R., Tampa, FL