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Broken Rivets? Not a Problem!

Posted on: January 28, 2009

I was at my favorite coffee shop in Boulder last weekend when I saw something tragic – the rivet on the side of someone’s Beach style Crocs™ shoe snapped!  I sat there for a second and realized I could save the day.  I shuffled through my messenger bag and pulled out a rivet.  I went up to the guy and told him I could help, replaced his broken rivet, told him he probably should buy a new pair (they looked pretty old) and wished him luck as he continued with his day.

Of course, I won’t always be there should your rivet break nor do I carry rivets with me all the time (although I do keep a small bag in my messenger bag for just such occasions) – but don’t worry, our Customer Service Team is here to help!  Instead of calling our Customer Service line, you can simply click here and order a new set of rivets free of charge!

If you have any other customer service issues, you can always call our Customer Service line at 1-866-306-3179.


65 Responses to "Broken Rivets? Not a Problem!"

Could you kindly send me a couple pairs of replacement rivets for my Crocs? Two sets have broken off. Thank you so much. Should there be a charge kindly notify me. Thanks again.

Best Regards,

I sent you an email Yvonne…

Hi George
I was having a hard time removing the liner from my croc mammoths and one of the rivets broke as i was peeling the liner away.
problem is i live in Mexico City and bought the shoes at a Sears down here.
How can i go about getting a new rivet?


One of the rivets or my Cayman crocs is broken and I try to get some of replacement rivets but I have no answer in the European website, I´m from Spain, Europe.
Can you please help me?

Thanks in advanced and sorry about my English.


I found it very difficult to remove the rivets. I broke 1 of them when I tried to peel off the liner and did not continue with the other three. Is this only me? =(


rivet broke on new pair of cayman crocs – M3/W5 – Navy.

How can I get a new set of rivets?


Could you contact me so I can order a replacement rivit? I submitted forms twice on your website and haven’t received a response.

i Love crocs and have just purchased my first pair of mammoths (after 4 or 5 standardly caymans) .. only i too have the same issue now with one broken rivet.

I’m in the UK, what can i do about getting repacement rivets here?

Also, i managed to finally convert my better half in time for our annual holiday and he chose a pair with a velcro strap around the back of the ankle. These straps look like they should be replaceable but i’ve been unable to locate them on the UK Crocs website. Is there any way to replace the straps for Crocs?

Many thanks,

Samantha – email me at and I’ll see what I can do!

I found that using a staple remover–the long metal one that looks like a bent tongue depressor–works great when I am trying to get the liners back onto the rivets. I get the rivet started, then use the staple remover to gently coax the rivet on through. It’s worked every time for me.

It would be nice, however, if the rivets could be unlocked or somehow removed instead of trying to squeeze the liner off and on to the rivets.

Hi I just broke my crocs rivet, just walking, is very hard to get a replacement? this shoes are very unfriendly with a broken rivet….Im leaving the country in a week is there a way send me a couple of these can I get it in a crock store?


I have the same problem as Samantha that I am in the UK and am not sure how to get replacement rivets for my Blitzen. I have only removed the liners once and broken 1 rivet so would like to get a couple of spares as both of my kids have similar ones with liners which will no doubt need washing as well as we wear them so much!!!


I also have several pairs of crocs my children have popped the rivets loose and a few of the where straps have torn.

I figured out how to use a small (1/4″) flat-blade screwdriver to get the liner back onto the rivet of my new lumberjack crocks, the ones with the big grommets. But I first found Michael’s post from 11/30 about using a staple remover, which I don’t have. Either of these helps stretch the grommet back over that rivet.

Hi Eduardo. You can contact Crocs customer service via email, phone or our live chat. They will be able to help you get some new rivets!

Hi Elaine, you can contact customer service to get some new rivets. Here’s the link:

Hi Emily, customer service can help you get new rivets and straps. You can contact them via email, phone or live chat!

Great tip!

I need a replacement for two pairs; I have submitted the form twice and haven’t received a response. I am thinking about placing an order for my daughter, but want to make sure that we will be able to get replacements if needed.



Hi Melanie! Let me know if you don’t hear back soon, and I will try to put you in contact with the correct people. Thanks, Anna

Unfortunately, I received a response from customer service stating that they do not ship replacement rivets outside the USA. My $60 Yukon Crocs just aren’t the same without the straps.

Hi Calvin,

I apologize you are having problems getting replacement rivets. Where do you live? We’ll see if there is someone else in your area that can help you. Feel free to email us directly at

Thank-you for the offer of help. Following my posting, Crocs Europe sent me an email offering replacements. It seems all is well.

hey i got problem finding rivets at my country which is in BRUNEI DARUSSALAM, ill try to filling the form but there is no BRUNEI DARUSSALAM in the form. so please help me

Hi Elzam – I am trying to get in touch with our team in your area to see if they can help you. They are out of the office for the Chinese New Year until the 22nd, but as soon as I hear back from them we’ll work to get a solution for you.

thanks. hit my email ok

Hi Will,
I have reached out to our Customer Service department on your behalf and have asked them to follow up with you with the contact information you’ve provided. Please let me know if you have not heard back from anyone by Tuesday of next week (3.22.10).
Thank you for your email!

I have a pair of dark brown Crocs with leather uppers and one of my dark brown rivits broke the other day, how do get a replacement?

Hey John, please contact customer service and they can help you to replace your rivet:

Hi John, have you contacted customer service? Their email is Please let me know if you need anything else.

Hi there, I’m another UK Croc wearer with a pair of Cayman’s with a broken rivet… but I can’t get hold of a replacement anywhere! If someone could point me in the right direction (the UK site doesn’t have a rivet replacement link as far as I can see) I’d be thrilled!

Hi Carly, try emailing our customer service department at and they will be able to direct you to the right resource. Please let me know if you run into any problems!

I’m living in Ireland and my 5 year old son absolutely loves his crocs but unfortunately I’ve had to replace the rivets twice so far this year. I used my older son’s crocs which he’s outgrown – but I was hoping to keep these for my 5 year old for next year when they should fit him. I’ve now destroyed 2 pairs of perfectly good crocs which seems a shame and I’m looking for replacement rivets. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.

Hi Paula, sorry to hear about that. Please email and they should be able to help you with replacement rivets.

Thanks for your reply – I’ve emailed them as yet I’ve heard nothing back. I was wondering if you could use Jibbits – would they be strong enough. Obviously my 5 year old does alot of running would they be safe.

P.S I also emailed and again no response.

I have not had any reply from emailing and need replacement rivets for an entire pair of camoflage crocs. How do I go about getting these? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there, Angela. Please email me at and I can help you out!

Hi there, I live in Canada and am having the same trouble getting replacement rivets for a pair of my son’s Disney crocs. The customer service department emailed me back today to say they don’t ship to Canada. Really? Is there any way to get these without having to ship to friends in the US? Thanks in advance.

I was able to get my replacement rivets, but they’re a different color than the originals (which is fine, but now I need to replace all 4). How in the world do I remove the non-broken ones in order to put the new ones on?


I purchased my little boy a pair of croc sharks size 10-11 less than a month ago and he absolutely loves them to bits, but our 11 week old cocker spaniel puppy got hold of them and damaged the ankle strap, he can still wear them, but they won’t last…is there any way that I can get hold of replacement ankle straps??

I have emailed Crocs direct twice, but haven’t received a response yet, and this was 1-2 weeks ago….

Any help would be much appreciated,

Kind regards

Helen, Tom & Bertie (the cocker spaniel)

Hi Helen, sorry to hear that the Crocs fell prey to the Spaniel. Please email me directly at and I will see what I can do!

There’s not exact science or process to removing rivets, but they will break under stress. You might have some luck trying to crush it with a pair of pliers. Just be careful not to try anything that will rip the rivet through the shoe. Good luck!

Is there a trick to removing the rivets? I’m having a heck of a time getting out the old ones to replace them with the cool “bling” ones a friend got for me.

There’s not exact science or process to removing rivets, but they will break under stress. You might have some luck trying to crush it with a pair of pliers. Just be careful not to try anything that will rip the rivet through the shoe. Good luck, LaVonne.

Hi, I am in the UK and have requested a new rivet (is that the name of the small black badge with the croc logo on the side?) several times on the site now but still havent heard anything. My daughters toddler sized mammoth crocs (she is only 2 so they are only small ones) are missing a rivet which fell out days after buying them. Many thanks

Hi Kerry, I’ve reached out to one of our customer service folks there on your behalf. You should hear from him shortly. Please let me know if you do not.

Thanks for that – havent heard from anyone as yet

Hi there, I also have emailed and had no response at all as above (comment #32), I also emailed the address as suggested and had no response – please, I now have 2 pairs of broken adult caymans and a pair of childrens ones…

I still havent heard anything…why is this taking so long? Is the customer services in the UK that bad????

I, like Carly, have been unsucessful in getting a response from the UK contact. I am quite prepared to pay for the rivets, but I cannot find anyone selling them as spares either. Please can you helpl as my Crocs are looking v. lonely and forlorn on the shoe rack!

Hi George, sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. Our European customer service team is definitely overloaded this month. I have forwarded on your comments along with your contact information to my contact in the UK. Please let me know if you don’t hear from him in the next few days.

It seems as if people are having trouble getting customer service responses, so I thought I would post here as well. I just sent an email asking for a kid’s size 12/13 rivet. Hoping I can get it before our trip mid-July. Thanks.

Hi Jayne, thank you for reaching out. I have contacted someone in our customer service department who you should be hearing from soon. Please let me know if you haven’t heard anything after the weekend.


Je cherche désespérement des rivets pour mes CROCS YUKON…et je n’en trouve pas !! SARENZA.COM n’en delivre pas….!
j’habite dans l’ouest de la France et je peux me deplacer sur tout l’ouest.
Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider ??!

Merci de me répondre directement par mail, SVP.



Hello All

After searching the internet, emailing Crocs support and going by a couple of our largest local Crocs retailers I still cannot get a couple rivets sent here to Canada. Somebody HELP!!!! I love my Crocs but the broken rivets and floppy straps make them unwearable.



Hi Rohan, I put them in the mail to you TODAY. You should be back in your Crocs in no time. :)

Me again, had a response to my last two (no. 39 and my second seems to have disappeared), but the lady who responded was in the US and apparently crocs have no way of posting stuff from the us to the uk, hmmmmm surely the us have a postal service????….anyhow, the europe office a nice guy called brendan responded, say they have limited stocks of ankle straps and unfortunately they have none at the moment, and didn’t even offer to send me a pair when they do, i even offered to pay for them (p&p) as well, seems Crocs aren’t the proffessional company i thought they were, so i’ve just spent over £25 on a paire of crocs for my little boy, lovely shark ones that he loves to bits and now he can’t wear them, (little children need ankle straps) and by the time crocs deal with the straps (if they ever do) he will probably need a new size….will i buy crocs for myself, my husband and my kids ever again?????

I too have heard nothing at all despite posting on here 2 or 3 times. I am really, really disappointed.

me too so disappointed, i had the image that Croc was a professional, on the ball, decent company….image can be deceiving!

Hi Helen and Carlyn, we are really trying to accommodate the international customer service issues. Feel free to email me at and I will see what I can do about shipping off to you what you need. We want to get your son back into his Crocs (Helen). Carlyn, where are you located?

Broken croc rivet. I have a spare shoe and want to take a rivet off of this one to put on new one, but not sure how to get it off? Otherwise I will need to get new ones from the company. Can rivets be removed from one shoe and put on another?

How do you remove a rivet from a croc without breaking it? My son broke the rivet on a pair yesterday, this pair is brand NEW. I would like to take the rivet off an old pair (which he broke the strap) so he can wear them again. If not, how do I get rivets ASAP, we are leaving on vacation in 3 days, and these are my son’s favorite shoes.

Hi Charmaine, are you near a Crocs store? There are free replacement rivets there. Please email me at if I can help you locate a store.

Thank you SO much, yes, I have found a Croc store close by that has extra rivets. They should post this info on the website because I would have gone out today had I known! My son is going to be so happy to be back in his crocs tomorrow.

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