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Janey at the Edge, originally uploaded by tobybear.

Whether at the edge of the world at Mt. Aspiring National Park in New Zealand or in your home, we’ve shown the Crocs™ shoes are Proven Feel Good™ the world over.

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As we’ve shown all week, Proven Feel Good means a lot of different things. From the comfort of our shoes to our humanitarian efforts – everyone here at Crocs™ makes it their goal to bring Proven Feel Good to life. But, as we’ve said – it’s also about the Crocs™ Community. Today, we have Denise – author of Eat, Play Love and mother to a pretty special Crocs™ fan. I don’t want to ruin the ending – so I’ll let Denise get started!

My journey through motherhood has been a very natural progression, with the exception of a smattering of awkward moments riddled with some fear and anxiety. I am guilty, like millions of other mothers, of believing that my children are the most beautiful children in the world. Then one day, during the usual small talk conversation at Kindergarten pick up, a father mentioned to me that Crocs™ was looking for local kids to model for a national ad campaign. He suggested I submit my daughter’s photographs. Stranger things have happened, but moment was one of those crossroads of motherhood for me.

For a moment I thought, “no, not for us.” I don’t have professional headshots or a clue about what it entails for a child to model. While I would agree my daughter has an incredibly outgoing personality for five years old and dramatics bold enough to be featured on the big screen, I second guessed the opportunity. But the idea was still in the back of my mind.


Before I knew it I was sitting in front of my computer, sorting through the last six months of photos to see if any pictures from our personal library would suffice in lieu of professional headshots. After a few minutes and some cropping, I had a handful of pictures that I would consider submitting to the Crocs™ casting call. My hesitation turned into, “why not?” We really had nothing to lose from emailing a few photos.

The beauty of revisiting my photo library was of course taking a trip down memory lane.  As I was scrolling through the photos I realized what a huge part of my family’s history, moments small and big, I share with Crocs™. It’s been about four years now that we’ve been sporting our Crocs™ , about the time when they exploded onto the scene, a local company that made us proud.

I started to instantly feel nostalgic, wanting to seek out the photos of my oldest daughter in her first pair of Crocs™. I remember her small hands, not yet two years old reaching for the special “bright pink ones”. Fast forward years later, no less than a half dozen pairs of Crocs™ have graced her feet, their irresistible comfort and convenience has proven to feel good even to my fashion conscious toddler turned young girl.


Some of my favorite photographic moments of my girls, they are wearing Crocs™. Big surprise, right? My desktop on my home computer is this beautiful picture of my daughters while camping last summer in the Rocky Mountains, our backdrop for everyday life living here in Colorado. As they climbed up on the boulder, their Crocs™ gripped the side of the rock, right after wading in the chilly water in Brainard Lake.


Now I have to admit, the picturesque Rocky Mountains aren’t gracing the majority of my favorite pictures. My heart warms every time I glimpse this picture, shown below, of my youngest daughter, from the day we purchased her first pair of Crocs™. Funny enough, history repeated itself with yet another pair of “bright pink ones”. It was true love at first try-on, for she refused to take them off for naptime or bedtime. This everyday moment simply captured, always makes me smile.


In case you were wondering, my oldest daughter did get the call back from Crocs™. We spent the morning playing at a playground with a few other children, all sporting shiny new Crocs™. There were plenty of laughs shared and even a friendship in the making, as my daughter really hit it off with another five year old at the photo shoot. Like any parent I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Fall ad campaign, wondering if my daughter made the cut to print.

I can say from the bottom of my heart, even if she doesn’t make a magazine advertisement, that day will always be special to us. I already envision future conversations over a scrapbook page with snap shots from my personal camera, fondly remembering my daughter’s very first paying job, modeling Crocs™. Unbelievable.

To be able to include our own fans in our photo shoots and advertisements is something that not every company can do. It’s Proven Feel Good – the serendipity of the moment connecting all of us here at Crocs™ to our fans. It’s not unbelievable – because it happened! Join our newsletter to hear about all the ways we’re trying to connect with our fans, product information, specials, and surprises!

When it has come to Proven Feel Good™, we’ve covered a large array of areas on how YOU as our collaborative Crocs’ community inspired us to develop this new brand platform and its relevancy to our history and future direction. We’ve discussed our Proven comfort ¬ from our patented Croslite™ material to certifications with the U.S. Ergonomics Council, American Podiatric Medical Associations, and others. We’ve shown through your testimonials and imagery the diverse uses, active lives and Feel Good™ moments that our Crocs™ Community encompasses.

We are still yet to discuss an area near and dear to our feet and hearts that plays a pivotal role in our Proven Feel Good™ brand platform. Yes, we are talking about SolesUnitedsm our global footwear donation program with the mission: “To Shoe The World.” Such an initiative shouldn’t be a surprise to our brand activists who follow our blog and understand our core company value commitment to humanitarianism.


Since its inception nearly two years ago, the Crocs’ SolesUnitedsm program has donated over 2 million pairs of Crocs™ shoes to those in need around the globe. That’s a lot of souls we have reached with our Proven Feel Good™ soles. Below are a few pictures from recent footwear donations through SolesUnitedsm:



Why is this important? Over 300 million people in this world do not have adequate footwear: resulting in cuts and abrasions that often lead to infection and disease. This is a serious issue that needs dedicated attention to help raise awareness and increase the number of footwear donations made domestically and internationally.

So how do we make “Shoeing the World” a reality? The short answer is a collective global effort of people with big hearts and optimistic views that we can all make the world a better place. Hmmm, know a community shares these values, views and characteristics? We all know there is no better group that the Crocs’ community to take on a seemingly impossible challenge and overcome it. Proven Feel Good!

We are rolling out several large initiatives this year around SolesUnitedsm that will help us grow this program leaps and bounds. This involves putting YOU at the center stage and us organizing and executing our commitments to provide footwear to those in need. Stay tuned for announcements on how you can get involved in SolesUnitedsm program and our efforts to “Shoe the World.”

Ever see the award winning show on AMC, Mad Men? It’s a drama about the lives of Madison Avenue executives during the 1950’s. While the show, like most dramas, focuses on the personal stories of the characters lives in this time capsule – one of the things I find most compelling are the eccentricities of the creative process documented in the show and how they compare to the experiences of branding activities in real-life. I am personally drawn to a deeper understanding of how brands resonate within people and developing inspirational materials that evokes the power of emotion in all of us.

Here at Crocs™, we dedicate significant time to understanding the distinctive qualities that makes our brand tick. All brands live outside of the walls of business and are ultimately defined by YOU our customers who live, breathe, experience, and talk about our brand with others. Our creative and product teams are constantly out interacting with you to ensure that we are developing products and materials that hit on the Feel Good elements that the collective Crocs™ Community has grown to love; while providing insights on what new innovations we can bring to market to enhance your active lives and versatile use of our footwear. Our global customer base also gives us the unique ability discover a wide assortment of new and fun uses of Crocs™ products and creative interpretations of our brand that we happily get to share with the entire Crocs™ community.

Our latest creative pieces are inspired depictions of Feel Good moments that were shared with us by the Crocs™ Community.




We decided to incorporate Lomography into our creative because its unique nature spoke to us. Wikipedia’s description of Lomography does a much better job explaining why we loved this style of photography and chose it to bring real Proven Feel Good moments to life:

“Lomography emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, “happy accidents,”…Users are encouraged to take a lighthearted approach to their photography, and use these techniques to document everyday life.”

We think that speaks to exactly how people use our products. So, if a picture tells a thousand words, then these simple images are telling the thousands of stories that we have overheard about how Crocs™ shoes combine to be the active casual part of peoples’ lives.

So, be on the look out for our new creative in popular publications over the next few months including: Men’s Journal, InStyle, Glamour, Oprah and many more.  Feel free to share your stories with us as well. We’re listening and we want to continue to use your Feel Good experiences as the inspiration that fuels the Crocs movement.

For the year 2006, Time Magazine named “You” as the person of the year. It was the first time a specific person was not named – but rather the collective power of all of us as people. We were a young company then – growing by the minute but we definitely understood the power of people. It was YOU who energized us to go to work everyday. It was YOU who helped us grow into over 90 countries. It was YOU, as the collective power of the Crocs Community, that proved to the world that a little company founded in Boulder, Colorado could become a worldwide sensation – sharing our feel good products with over 100 million people.

pinksherb1crocssuecuadorteam-crocs-polar-plungeJenny in Nadiasolivia6hiking1

Fortunate for us, it was also YOU that provided us guidance in developing the Crocs™ brand and helping set the stage for an exciting future. In many ways, our new brand platform, was built by YOU. It was your testimonials that informed us of the ever growing active uses of our footwear and feel good experiences that Crocs™ advocates constantly seek. It was your captivating photograph narratives on sites like Flickr® that inspired us of the optimism and fun celebrated in the Crocs™ Community. It was your devotion to our products that motivated and empowered us to reach new heights.


What words can best describe this brand movement by the collective Crocs™ community? Again, we didn’t have to look far. Your experiences and actions depicted a statement we felt truly brought our new brand platform to life: Proven Feel Good. If you’re a fan of our shoes, you understand what that means – but I’ll explain to those people discovering Crocs™ shoes for the first time.

The Feel Good encompasses many elements. We’ll start with comfort – the number one word used to describe our shoes. From the very beginning, our messaging to customers was simple – “You gotta try ‘em on!” We let the unexpected comfort found in our uniquely designed shoes do all the talking and immediately convert anybody into a Crocs™ advocate. Comfort is still the foundation of our product development and its craftily incorporated into all models found in our growing product line.

Feel Good also represents the active, fun, and lively experiences captured by YOU, our Crocs™ Community. The Crocs Blog, testimonials, and Flick® photographs have provided a glimpse into these Feel Good stories that you have shared with us: Travel excursions to the most beautiful and remote corners of the earth; Special times shared with loving family, friends, and even pets. New experiences in life; Endless determination to conquer obstacles that were believed to be impossible; Volunteerism to help the greater good; The belief that being active and optimistic makes you Feel Good and makes others Feel Good around you.

And that brings us to Proven. Over 100 million people have invited the Crocs™ brand into their lives. First, we are humbly gratified that such a large number of people across the globe have made the choice to wear such a special and unique product. We also like to think of this as Proof that our distinct product collections have made a positive and Feel Good impact on this world.


If you’re looking for more proof, we have it. We have invested heavily into research and development to innovate our renowned comfort and health benefits in our product offerings – which always starts with our proprietary closed-cell resin Croslite. To ensure we are achieving our objectives, we are regularly testing our products in a variety of areas. This includes numerous certifications by the U.S. Ergonomics (Council), American Podiatric Medical Association, as well as testing by the Michigan State Bio-mechanics Lab on recovery benefits and many other specialized testing labs. We believe these lab results, coupled with your real-life testimonials, are living Proof that we are providing YOU, our brand ambassadors, with a unique and powerful brand that delivers on its Feel Good pledge.

For the rest of the week, we’ll be sharing elements of Proven Feel Good. This includes a close look at our advertising campaigns, behind-the-scene stories, and everything we can come up with. Most importantly, you’ll see how your support provided the inspiriting and ideas that I just mentioned. We will be sharing stories from the Crocs Community and looking for new and innovative ways for us to foster Proven Feel Good together.

the wait, originally uploaded by Michele AKA zimza.

The greens in this picture make me think of the good things in life: fresh air, the beauty of nature, the fun of being outside. For many of us here at Crocs, seeing our products – like these Mary Janes – captured artistically on film brings a smile to our face. Here is a picture from Flickr® user Michele AKA zimza capturing the beauty and feel good that surrounds her.

As always, have a great weekend and be sure to check out the great photos of the members of the Crocs group on Flickr®.

I’m Shelley. I was asked to give a quick introduction of myself for my guest blog appearance today. Here goes…

  • Pisces
  • Looking for love
  • I enjoy candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach
  • I have a cat, but promise I am not a crazy cat lady

Seriously though, I am on the PR team here at Crocs and as you can tell I have a wicked sense of humor (or at least I like to think so).  If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen a friend or two fill out a note with “25 Random Things about me.” A lot of my friends put out some funny, insightful, and informative things about themselves. We decided that we should let you in our 25 Random Things you might not have known about Crocs, Inc.  Hope you enjoy the post!

1) Our headquarters are in Niwot, Co – about 11 miles northeast of Boulder. Sounds perfect right – beautiful surroundings with the foothills, close to Boulder and Denver, but there is one major drawback: there aren’t many places to eat. When we want to head out to lunch – there’s basically only one place to go: Treppedda’s!

2) The first Crocs offices were originally in downtown Boulder – on Pearl Street with a GREAT VIEW. For those lucky enough to be with Crocs at the beginning, they also had a plethora of lunch options. Not that we are jealous or anything.


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