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More from our SolesUnitedsm team:

The Fundacion de la Escuela was very interesting and is a good example of what other schools should be doing to teach kids and parent’s sustainable living. The school was founded in 1990 with approximately 10,200 children in attendance. Since inception they have dedicated themselves to improving the quality of family life in Darien to provide food, educational support, preventive health care, community development skills, agricultural production techniques, and care of natural resources.

The most unique part of the school is they provide training and technical assistance for agricultural and ecological model farms, organic production and the establishment of school gardens farms for the family and community. The organic crops and animals can provide the right nutrition needed for their families. The communities grow items such as plantains, coffee beans, yucca, pineapple and other foods.


Upon our arrival we were greeted by the children and the teachers of the school. There were about 200 children present all sitting down eagerly awaiting our arrival. After the presentation and thank you’s, we were able to witness the cultural dances from a couple of the children in their brightly colored attire and paint. This is a way of thanking Crocs for the gift of shoes.

We noticed that each pair of shoes already had a name printed on the tag matched with the correct sizes. The children waited patiently for the shoes to be handed out and were gracious to get a pair. These shoes will be very helpful for them while working in the fields learning how to grow their own food. They will also wear them to get to school everyday while walking through the jungle and river areas. For more information on this model of teaching visit



Here’s more from Melissa K, of our SolesUnitedsm team from their Panama donation:

Darien Province: Mercadeo/ El Real, and Vista Alegre

We started on the river towards the villages in our piragua, or boat, about a half an hour down the river in the Darien Province we arrived at El Mercadeo / El Real at the Escuela Emilia Valdelamar. At this location, we distributed shoes to children from Pueblo Nuevo, Pirre, Pijibasal and Pinogana. There was also a health fair put on by Meduca and Salud local health organizations to encourage the children to wear shoes and explain the possibility of sickness acquired through the feet from infections. The kids were dressed in their Sunday best and they were excitedly awaiting the new shoes that we were being given to them. Some of the children had really worn-out shoes, others no shoes at all. They were all really sweet and thankful for the shoes, so much that they were trying to come back for more.

About Darien Province:

Darién is the largest province in the Republic, located in the eastern side of the country, next to Colombia. It has a Tropical Rainforest climate, and is sparsely populated, with roughly 2.5 inhabitants per km2. on average.  The Darién Gap is home to a diversity of cultures.  Some 15,000 Emberá-Wounáan inhabit this territory, with a population density of approximately 2 inhabitants per km2.  There is a high malnutrition rate in Darien and this is obvious by the discolored teeth of the children. It is difficult to get any food since no one wants to go to this territory because of the danger up and down the river. This is also why education and health does not get the attention that it needs.

Vista Alegre

When we had completed the distribution of shoes in El Real we headed one and a half hours to Vista Alegre again by boat. This community was a very quiet one, where the children and women are very shy with a very rich culture.  Houses are built high on stilts, to avoid the flooding of the rainy season and the wild animals and insects that nest and congregate in the grasses. People climb into their house using a log in which they carve small steps.  Traditional houses are composed of a single room with the fire pit at one end and living space at the other. Half of the house is open, breezes serve to cool the house and keeps insects from congregating. The roofs are made of thatch.


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The start of the week can be a drag, so to boost your spirits and give you that Proven Feel Good™ that you’re looking for – we put our Alice and Girls Alice styles up for the Deal of the Week. The Alice is now $14.99 and it’s youthful counterpart is $9.99! Why not treat yourself to something nice to start the week off right!  They’re going fast – so make sure to pick up a pair in your size while you still can!!

Need boots?, originally uploaded by EraPhernaliaVintage.

The snow came and went and the sun is starting to shine here in Colorado. This great shot isn’t from Colorado but from another winter wonderland – Virginia! I just love the dedication that people show when they wear our shoes out in the snow! If you’re looking for a bit more winter comfort – check out the Amblers and Nadias on If you’re looking forward to spring – check out all our new products!!


If you haven’t heard, it’s snowing in Colorado.  For safety reasons, Crocs HQ is having a snow day.  Take a look at our new Spring Collection if you’re like me and you want to get Spring Fever back!

Today brings another installment of “10 Things that Make Me Feel Good,” our way of getting our employees to share with you all the things that inspire us to bring you our Proven Feel Good products! So right now, I’m proud to bring you Katie W. – who is an active (and loud) member of our Sales Team. Katie has been with Crocs since 2006 and is one the veterans here at Crocs. Did I mention she was loud? ;-)

Anyway -without further delay (or teasing), I bring you Katie’s list of 10 things that make her feel good. Enjoy!


1. Statement Jewelry—I love wearing statement pieces, usually an oversized ring or necklace. Bold accessories exude confidence and I think one tends to walk a little taller too

2. New Crocs!—some might say I am biased, but I don’t think so. Nothing feels better than slipping on a brand new pair of Crocs. My latest favorite pair—gold leopard Malindi’s!


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Hello, my name is Ryan Mariano and I will be keeping you up to speed on the 2009 AVP Crocs Tour. I played my college volleyball at Long Beach State University. After college I traveled over seas to Austria and Switzerland where I played indoors and taught English for six years. In 2004, I decided I wanted to try my hand in beach volleyball, and in 2006 I played in my first final at Huntington Beach. My Partner Ed Ratledge and I are ranked in the top ten and look forward to another fantastic year.

The start of the 2009 AVP Crocs Tour is around the corner and we all know what that means – it is time for summer to begin. The mix of new and seasoned partnerships, a few missing faces and new tour stops promise to make this season as exciting as ever!

Spearheading the men’s side of the tour in 2009 are none other than 2008 U.S. Gold Medalists Phil Dalhausser/Todd Rogers and 2008 Olympians Jake Gibb/Sean Rosenthal. After a thrilling 2008 there are going to be some new partnerships that guarantee even more electrifying matches and thrills in 2009. New teams to keep an eye on include Nick Lucena/Brad Keenan, John Hyden/Sean Scott and Billy Strickland/Aaron Wachtfogel.

On the women’s side the dynamic duos of Nicole Branaugh/Elaine Youngs, April Ross/Jen Boss and Jenny Johnson Jordan/Annett Davis will battle to capture the illusive AVP Crocs Tour Title. Wondering where Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh and Rachel Wacholder are? Well, they are taking the season, or at least part of the season, off for personal reasons (….something about having babies.) New teams that look to make an immediate impact are Tyra Turner/Angie Akers and Diane DeNecochea/Carrie Dodd.

This year the AVP Crocs Tour will take beach volleyball to a variety of different venues. Some will be on beautiful natural beaches and some will venture inland, allowing the AVP to bring the beach to you! Venturing away from the natural beaches baffles beach volleyball fans nationwide, until they witness the excitement and atmosphere the AVP and the players create even in a parking lot, downtown in a desert. Come and see for yourself!

The first event of the year will test the limits of a new site, Panama City Beach, FL, as the AVP Crocs Tour joins the fun in the sun during spring break! Stay tuned to the Crocs Blog and via the Crocs AVP Site