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Have you seen the new Kids Rally?


A sneaker?  With our signature comfort?  Yup!   The Rally has the same easy on/easy off that you loved about our other products like the Kids Cayman but with a rugged rubber outsole for durability and traction.  Check them out today.



We’ve recently partnered with our friends at to help them celebrate the launch of their online forums.  After all, if you’re a fan of Crocs shoes, you understand value and community – two things that and their online forums are all about

So, check out their forums and come back and let us know what you would want if you win their sweepstakes!

Every morning that I come to work, I grab a cup of coffee, turn on my Macbook, and look to see what the Crocs™ community has been up to. It’s a good job – what can I say, I’m a lucky guy – and on those days I spot our products out in the wild, I get really excited.

One of my favorite places to catch our products in the wild is the Celebrity Baby Blog. Why there? Easy – because celebrities just love to put their adorable children into our kids products. The newest celebrity members to the Crocs™ Community are Avis Ann – daughter of Daniel Baldwin – and Matilda Rose Ledger – daughter of the late Heath Ledger and actress Michelle Williams. Check out the picture of Matilda as she frolics on a beautiful Brooklyn day. That’s just a perfect picture of Proven Feel Good™.

Of course, celebrity children aren’t the only people that wear our products. Mel Gibson was spotted carrying his on a beach and, of course, there is always Mario. Mario Batali is known for his signature Orange Crocs and he came to our defense the other day. At the Can-Do awards, which benefit the Food Bank for New York City, he told Fashion Week Daily this:

“Crocs are my signature and I take a beating on your blogs about it! All fashion blogs think these shoes are the ultimate problem. I wear them because they’re the most comfortable thing…”

You can check out the Daily Dish for the rest of the quote, but we love that Mario stands up for his right to wear Crocs™ shoes. Comfort is what we pride ourselves on and everyone who thinks we’re not fashionable hasn’t been listening to the Crocs™ community or paying attention to the great spring styles we’ve been launching! We couldn’t do it without our community – so thank you!

We’ve kept you on the edge of your seats for weeks. You’ve seen us discuss why we were inspired to create this. You’ve seen Olympic Athlete Matty Reed talk about it. Finally, today we are excited to announce the launch of the highly-anticipated Crocs Prepair™ Collection.


The comfort, health and ease-of-wear benefits of Crocs™ shoes have quickly propelled them to become athletes’ après shoe of choice. And now, we’ve taken the Proven Feel Good™ that Crocs lovers worldwide have grown to love and brought it to the next level. After rigorous testing, results have shown that the Prepair™ Collection helps to enhance physical recovery from the significant impact that athletic activity has on our bodies. Start enhancing your recovery with the Crocs Prepair™ Collection.

Visit now to learn more about the genesis of the line, see the new TV ad, and order your pair so you can start enhancing your recovery.  Buy yours today!

171 {365}, originally uploaded by n.elle.

This great photo – part of n.elle’s Project 365, is a great shot of our silver Malindi style ballet flats.

From all of us here at Crocs, Inc – have a great weekend!

This television spot is probably my favorite of the season – how could you not like it? The feel good days of spring and summer when you were a kid are something we all try to capture from time to time. Add in the fact that the end of this spot featured my favorite kids product ever – Our Scooby Doo Kids Cayman – and I can’t help but smile! While you’re at it, check out the Gabby and the Electro too!


Here’s another recap of the AVP Crocs Tour brought to you by Ryan Mariano:

Riverside, the 12th fastest growing city in California, may have a new attraction! Beautiful weather, charming people and electrifying volleyball answered any questions about why the AVP Crocs™ tour would decide to take beach volleyball inland to Riverside…


 Let’s be real, you too thought, “Riverside? Really? Come on!” The city of Riverside, the AVP and the sponsors joined forces to create a new standard for non-beach venues with only two and a half months to plan! Twelve white sand volleyball courts played home to four days of exciting, sometimes shocking, volleyball. After the Panama City Beach Event was forced into single elimination due to concerns about the weather and the safety of the athletes, the Riverside Event was expanded. The event held a qualifier to make a 32 team draw; additionally, the Collegiate National Championships were held simultaneously at the venue this past weekend.

Thursday’s qualifier set the tone for the weekend, with long three game battles on both the men’s and women’s sides. On the men’s side, six of the top eight seeds were upset. Due to a late withdrawal on the women’s side, another spot was up for grabs in the qualifier, allowing nine teams to advance into the main draw. Once the top eight spots were taken, the “Lucky Loser” playoff began – one game to 21 and the winner advances to Friday’s big show.

Friday’s volleyball went as expected; top seeds held their spots and avoided any major upsets. After a fairly tame Friday, we knew something was in store for Saturday.

Saturday was nothing short of stunning! Top seeds fell one after another, only to face each other in the contenders’ bracket. When I say stunning, I mean it! Who would have guessed the indestructible duo, Phil and Todd, would spend Saturday battling through the contenders’ bracket? Losing in the 3rd round to Mayer/Nygaard, the dynamic duo carved a path through the contenders’ bracket, eliminating top seeded teams like Fuerbringer/Jennings and Lucena/Keenan to advance to Sunday. On the women’s side, top seeds held their spots and all was well in the volleyball world. Meanwhile, USC brought home the team championship in the Collegiate National Championships on Saturday.


Sunday was another beautiful day in Southern California – mid 80’s, lots of sunshine, a soft breeze, clear blue skies and volleyball taking center stage! What more could we ask for? Phil/Todd beat Gibb/Rosenthal in the men’s final and EY/Nicole beat Ross/Kessy in the women’s final. Yep, another beautiful day!


Volleyball was not the only focus of the week as Thursday afternoon I had the opportunity to join Crocs’ SolesUnitedsm program at the Boys and Girls Club of America in Redlands – where I was able to help over 100 children! With the kids decked out in their new free Crocs™ shoes, we made our way to the gym where we filmed a national commercial and educated an audience about the importance of the SolesUnitedsm program. Crocs founded the SolesUnitedsm program, a humanitarian effort, to provide shoes for those in need; the program has bettered the lives of countless people across the world.


Ed and I also had the opportunity to experience a little Riverside history this past weekend. We went on a rare journey deep into the catacombs of the Mission! We ventured into the darkness with our guide, learning about the Mission and the seedy happenings in the late 1800’s. I would like to thank Laurie Beaty, The Mission Inn and The Riverside Visitors Bureau for this awesome opportunity.

The AVP Crocs™ Tour stop in Riverside was an enormous success! Mission Accomplished!


Thanks for the update Ryan!