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Crocs For Sale, originally uploaded by beesquare.

The bright yellow of the beach and the pop of the Jibbitz charms just make this photo pop out of your web browser. I want to wish everyone some happiness as we turn this last page of May into the new chapter of sunshine and feel good times of June!

From BBQ’s to the beach, we look forward to the good times that the Crocs Community will share with us – whether on Flickr, our page on Facebook, or through your own blogs. Thanks again and see you next week!!


The AVP Crocs Tour headed to Huntington Beach California this past weekend. Just like the last three stops, SolesUnited and AVP Cares partnered to donate shoes to the Boys and Girls Club of America and educate those in attendance on the lack of footwear that plagues over 300 million people around the world. Take a look at this video to learn more:


And – as usual – we have Ryan Mariano, reporting live from the event. It was Ryan’s return to his hometown – so I’m sure he was excited about the event. Here he is:

Home Sweet Home! The AVP Crocs Tour stopped in Huntington Beach, CA this past weekend! I got to sleep in my own nice big bed, shower in my own shower, eat at home, and spend the weekend with my loved ones – life doesn’t get better than that as a touring professional athlete. Memorial Day weekend brought loads of people to the beach to surf, sun bathe, and, most importantly, watch some volleyball. The sunny, warm, breezy weather and exciting matches featuring many hometown favorites made for a great weekend. This tournament featured a 32-team draw, with 8 teams coming out of the qualifier held on Thursday.

Thursday was a standard qualifier day! Single elimination matches create a tension no one can explain, win or go home! Over 70 teams battled it out on the Men’s side and over 50 on the women’s side all for a shot at the show. Top seeds held tough advancing to Friday where they try their luck once again!

Perhaps the most exciting news on Friday came from off the sand – Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings had their baby!  A baby boy named Joseph – we’ll have to watch out for him to hit the tour in 2027!  Ty Loomis and Casey Patterson, the 12 seed, brought some excitement on the courts by upsetting Nick Lucena and Brad Keenan the 5 seed Friday afternoon. The women’s side provided a couple exciting upsets – Jennifer Fopma and Brittany Hochevar managed to upset the Lindquist Sisters while Whitney Pavlik and Stacy Rouwenhorst battled to upset Dianne DeNecochea and Carrie Dodd.

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At Crocs, we love to talk about our fans and our fans love to talk about us!  That’s why I really enjoy writing the Crocs Blog each and every day because I get to tell the story of all our fans and the fun, feel good things that they do.

Up first is one of my personal favorites – OHmommy – writer of the Classy Chaos blog.  You might remember her dancing about her house with her favorite boots by Crocs.  You may remember her writing about her favorite Green Bali flats.  Or you might just love reading her blog – at and   Well, since she supports Crocs and all our products so much – I wanted to give a shout out.  Today is the last day to vote on her video for a contest held by  Check out the video, give it 5 stars, and leave a comment!  Show that the Crocs Community supports each other!


Speaking of YouTube, I also found this great clip from the people at Madison Tanning.  They have a great website and post some fun content worthy of checking out whether you’re in the Madison area or not.  One of their latest videos have them discussing Crocs in the workplace!  The video is so great, one might think we actually made it!  We didn’t – that’s just the power of the Crocs Community – which just makes me feel good to tell all of you the story!


If you’re reading this, you’re part of the Crocs community!  Tell us your story in the comments below or head on over to YouTube and tell us your story on video!

Here’s a little something from Tim G. in our Marketing Department about the Bolder Boulder:

Each Memorial Day weekend the masses ascend into Boulder to take part in the annual road race known as the Bolder Boulder. What started out as a small community race 30 years ago has turned into one of the largest road races in the world, with over 50,000 runners and walkers taking part.

This year the Crocs Prepair™ line sponsored the race and was able to take part in the action. After the race the runners had a chance to stop by the Prepair™ booth to meet Olympic Triathlete Matty Reed, see all of the new styles and colors and learn about how prepair will aid in recovery by reducing muscular fatigue and effort. The runners were very excited to see this new product from Crocs; many took their shoes off right away and slipped into their new Prepair™ sport sandals.

Crocs also had many employees take part in the run; we have some elite athletes and others that were just out for a good time, everyone had fun and felt good. Congratulations to Christopher Artez, who won the “Prepair™to be Bolder sweepstakes” and competed in his first Bolder Boulder. 

Thanks Tim!  Be sure to check out the Prepair™ blog to hear about Christopher’s trip to Boulder for the race!  Also, check out our page on Flickr for some great pictures from the race!

The Bolder Boulder is a massive event – thousands of people come from all over the world to run, watch, or just have fun during the massive 10k road race.   Since Boulder is our hometown, we want to make sure that it returns to it’s natural beautiful state after the race – so, with the help of our sister company Ocean Minded, we organized a clean-up of the race. 

Taking off with the last wave of runners,  our group of volunteers walked the race course and picked up all the waste that they could.  It was a fun time – helping the environment and enjoying some of the sights along the way.  We got some pictures from Tracy P – who even captured a group of racers who were playing Leap Frog on the course!  



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Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Here in Boulder, Colorado – we have our annual Bolder Boulder 10k road race.  Despite some rain, the event was great and everyone here at Crocs is proud to be a sponsor.  We’ll provide some photos throughout the week here on the Crocs Blog and also over on our Prepair Blog!  So be sure to check it out throughout the rest of the week!


(Edit  5/26: Check out the Daily Camera’s photo gallery for some pictures from around the course!)

Chillin’, originally uploaded by heymrlady.

I love seeing our Crocs Community continue to show their love over and over again. It shows that we’re a real community! Here’s an amazing picture shot by Mr Lady – one of our favorite bloggers here at Crocs. She always takes some great pictures and always shows the love and support to Crocs! Enjoy this great picture and, if you’re lucky, the long weekend!