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Crocs Chicks @ Blogher2009, originally uploaded by bargainbri.

The best thing about being a Crocs fan is that you aren’t alone. The community is strong and it is growing every day. After all, who doesn’t love comfortable, casual, and affordable footwear?

If you’re on Flickr, make sure you join our Flickr Group today and show us how Crocs shoes are a part of your life!


We were sent these pictures by our team in Europe.  Artist Howard Hui took a pair of Olivia Crocs and made a special pair for pop singer Lady GaGa.  They are pretty cool looking – check them out:



Here’s a video interview from the Crocs Fall Showcase at BlogHer ’09 in Chicago.

Last Thursday at our Retail store on State Street, we showed some bloggers thew upcoming fall line.  Check out this video for the reaction from Megan of

The shoes she loves are called the Lily LJ Plaid in Bubblegum and Chocolate and they are available now on!

As we put together some of the footage we took while at BlogHer, here is Amanda from She’s going to share some reasons why you should wear Crocs shoes – shot live in the Crocs Store on State Street in Chicago!

Thursday night, we held an event for the BlogHer conference at the State Street store in Chicago.  The event was a big hit – we’ll post pictures and videos soon – but today’s Photo Friday is to thank the wonderful staff at our store that made the event a success!

Stay tuned for more updates from BlogHer!

Picture 4

The Manhattan Beach Open, the Wimbledon of Beach Volleyball, took place this past weekend – featuring a 64-team draw, beautiful beaches, sunny weather and huge crowds, the tournament did not disappoint!
The mayhem and marathon of volleyball started with the qualifier on Thursday, with the 36th seeded team of Natalie Hagglund and Summer Ross, who, with a combined age of 33 years, 7 months and 11 days, became the youngest team ever to qualify for an AVP Main Draw! On the men’s side, the best story of the day came from Griffen Cogorno and Jordan Hove who made it to the main draw as the 74 seed. Main draw play started on Friday and the excitement on both the men’s and women’s sides continued through Sunday.

On the men’s side the bracket played out as one would expect, with the big exception of Nick Lucena and Brad Keenan (the 8 seed) knocking John Hyden and Sean Scott (the 1 seed) into the contenders bracket the fourth round. Hyden and Scott proceeded to take fifth, leaving the teams of Gibb/Rosenthal, Olson/Wong, Dalhausser/Rogers and Keenan/Lucena in the semis. The final two teams standing were Gibb/Rosenthal and Olson/Wong. Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal went on to win the coveted Manhattan Beach Open title for their first win of the season.

On the women’s side, a trend of upsets led to some great finishes by Angela Knopf and Chrissie Zartman (the 26 seed) who placed 7th and Tara Kuk and Kelly Wing (the 22 seed) who placed 9th. Though there were plenty upsets early, the top-seeds held strong. The teams of Branaugh/Youngs, Davis/Johnson Jordan, Hanson/Rutledge and Lima/Minello all survived the long tough battle to make it to the semis on Sunday. In the end, Nicole Branagh and Elaine Youngs went on to win their sixth event of the season and the biggest tournament in volleyball.

Other highlights this week included a preview to the Manhattan 6-man and a legends match featuring ex-superstars such as Sinjin Smith, Randy Stoklos, Scott Ayakatubby and Brent Frohoff. After this great weekend I can’t wait to see what Hermosa brings!!!