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Thank you, Colorado!

Posted on: January 18, 2010

It’s been nearly a week since a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti.  There are unbelievable stories of survivors still being found and food and supplies that are finally beginning to reach those who desperately need it.  Here at Crocs, we are encouraged by our employees and the community around us for the generosity you have shown by dropping off supplies over the last several days.  We thank you!

Crocs’ efforts were highlighted in a “CBS Evening News” story on the outpouring of U.S. support for Haiti during their time of need.
Medical supplies, blankets and dry food collected at Crocs Headquarters.


5 Responses to "Thank you, Colorado!"

Are you still accepting donations?? And for how long??

Just a thought…Crocs could start a campaign that would allow it’s customers to add an additional $5, give or take, to their order that would supply an additional pair of shoes to a child in a impoverished area, Haiti being the prime location at the moment.

Go one step further and place a visual catching button/advertisement on the homepage of the site that allows people to donate croc shoes. At the same cost as above.

Just a thought! Have a great day.

Our donation drive cut-off is 5 p.m. MST today but I am happy to make a referral to other organizations that will take donations and have responded offline for this question. Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestion, Rusty! We are always looking at additional ways to make a difference and have certainly bounced this idea around ourselves over the past week. Keep the great suggestions coming, it’s great to hear your thoughts.

I do not live in Colorado, but Crocs are the only shoes my 3 year old granddaughter wears! It would be great if you could send boxes of Crocs for all the Haitians. I know covering their feet isn’t their first priority, but it would help.

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