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Celeb Spotted

Posted on: February 22, 2010

The streets of Vancouver are packed but not just with fans of the Games, the athletes are out.  Look who popped in the Crocs store – Jessie Vetter, Brianne McLaughlin, Lisa Chesson and Jinelle Zaugg from the women’s US Hockey team.  Keep checking back to see who else stopped by…


4 Responses to "Celeb Spotted"

Woo-hoo for the US Women’s team!! But … they’re Olympians and deserve to have their names listed correctly!! It’s Jessie Vetter, Brianne McLaughlin, and Jinelle Zaugg.

Where in Vancouver, B.C. is there a Crocs Store, please? I am searching to buy Crocs as we cannot do this online anymore. Help??????

I ran a search for you using our Store Locator on our home page. There are numerous retailers that carry the Crocs shoes.

Thanks so much for that catch. I’ve updated their names. And, we agree– GO WOMEN’S OLYMPIANS!

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