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Croslite made its television debut this week starring in the above commercial. We are very excited about this new character and its embodiment of the just-launched “Feel the Love” campaign introducing our spring and summer 2010 styles.

For years, people have known Crocs by the iconic clog. That’s changed. Crocs has so many more styles of shoes out in the market! But, what hasn’t changed, is Crocs’ commitment to comfort and style. The “Feel the Love” campaign is about the true ‘soul’ of Crocs. It’s about being good to your feet and celebrating your personal style at the same time.

“Our new campaign will reinforce what Crocs really stands for — cheeky innovation in the form of a feather-light, odor-resistant, form-to-fit shoe,” said Ken Chaplin, vice president of marketing for Crocs.

This campaign is certainly gaining buzz in the marketplace and folks are loving the new Crocband Flat.


With temperatures promised to be over 60 degrees for most of this week, here in Niwot, Colorado, I feel safe in saying that spring has officially SPRUNG! Take a look around and you will see folks coming out of their homes ready to shake off the winter dust as well as the extra layer winter has so graciously bestowed.

This past weekend, despite some windy weather, I donned my shorts (yes, SHORTS) and t-shirt and laced up my running shoes for what would be my fourth run OUTSIDE. Now, I know that there are many of you out there who brave the cold temperatures all winter-long for your runs, but I am a fair-weather runner, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, my tolerance for being cold is quite low. Of course, I love to snowboard and play in the snow and I am not afraid to brave cold temperatures when it comes to these activities, but running in the freezing temps? No thanks.

For this reason, I must resort to other indoor activities during the winter months, which adds just that extra bit of complexity that more-often-than-not results in me coming up with at least 20 reasons why I don’t have the time to exercise that day.  I have a serious aversion to the treadmill. I can’t help it. I think it’s physiological. Why is it that running three miles on a treadmill feels like a half-marathon? Yes, I have tried the tricks…the covering up the display dash with my towel, watching tv, listening to music…but none of it seems to work. I do much better out on the open road and now that spring is here, that’s where you’ll hopefully find me a few days a week…peeling off my winter layer one step at a time.

Are you ready to resume your spring/summer activities? Where can you be found now that the weather is warming up?


Dijbouti Kids in their new Crocs

10,000 pairs of Crocs shoes were recently donated to the World Emergency Relief organization (WER) and distributed to the Ali Addeh refugee camp, schools, churches, and non-governmental organizations in Dijbouti, Africa.

With a high rate of foot injuries and infections due to the lack of footwear in many areas, WER and Camp Lemonnier were instrumental in ensuring that the donation reached those in most need.

Liam wins Colorado Qualifying Event

Wearing his Crocs during the run and bike segments, Liam Mattison, age 6, won the Ironkids Colorado qualifying race and came in second place in the National Ironkids race. Nice work, Liam!


We want to thank our Crocs employees, Melissa DiPaola, Mary Kate Houk, and Barb Romero, who donated their time earlier this month by volunteering at The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation event in Denver, Colorado.  This annual event encourages volunteers to shave their heads as a show of solidarity with kids fighting cancer. Proceeds from these events help to support cancer research grants.

“To be so young and have to fight for your life is beyond comprehension. I admire the strength of the children as well as their families. I hope to be a participant of this event for years to come,” said Barb Romero.

Melissa, Mary and Barb worked hard putting together goody bags for the 300 participants, who shaved their heads and raised a total of $142,000 for cancer research.

“It really was a truly rewarding experience to be a part of raising money for kids’ cancer research. The stories of the honoree families were extremely touching and I can see why so many people return year after year to volunteer and shave their heads,” said Melissa.

In addition to Crocs employees supporting the event, Crocs donated new Crocbands shoes to all the pediatric cancer patients and a raffle for the participants.

For more information on The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation go to:

Have you ever been to a post-Thanksgiving Day sale at say, somewhere like, Macy’s or Bloomingdales? Women line up outside the store hours before it’s open, all for the opportunity to stand elbow-to-elbow with other shoppers intent on finding the best bargains. It is not for the faint-hearted. Bargain-hunting women can be more competitive than most professional athletes. Look out!

Waiting for the doors to open

The Running of the Bride event sponsored by Filene’s Basement in Altanta, Georgia is like that…only with about 100 times the intensity. This morning, close to 1000 brides-to-be lined up outside of Filene’s, waiting for the doors to open so that they could find the “perfect” dress at bargain prices. (Media coverage of the event can be seen here and here.)

While these women waited on line for hours in the early hours of the morning, Crocs, Inc. was there to provide a little love and comfort with shoe and coupon giveaways. After all, the perfect dress has to have the perfect shoes, does it not?

Crocs gives away shoes and coupons

Crocs’ reception ready shoe styles are just what these brides need. I know that when I was married 29 years ago (oh, no, wait, I mean almost five lovely years ago–love you, honey!), I couldn’t wait to take off my torturous strappy shoes at the reception and put on my fun, cozy flats. They were nicely hidden under my long gown, but they were so cute that I was happy to show them off to friends and family, too.

Now other brides have this same option with styles such as the Lady and Malindi.  A veteran bride, myself, I wish I could take each one of these ladies aside and tell them that it’s not just about the hair, the make-up and finding the awesome 80’s cover band that will belt out an awesome rendition of Celebration. Go ahead and worry about the other bigger details like the food, invitations and flowers (because we know you will anyway). Let Crocs take care of your feet, ladies. You should have a fantastic time at what will likely be one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw. Have fun!

One lucky bride-to-be's tweet

And to all those women who braved the big sale this morning, congratulations. Hope you found what you were looking for.


Croslite hugs, never pinches

Are you wearing green today? If not, look out for pinches. Croslite is all dolled up in parrot green for the special holiday ready to give out hugs, not pinches. Will you be drinking green beer today? Wearing shamrock glasses? Taking a dip in the cold (and green) Chicago River? Whatever your poison, we hope it’s a great day for you. Be safe out there, ye’ leprechauns.