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Meet Croslite, and “Feel the Love”

Posted on: March 16, 2010

(Drum roll, please…)

Crocs, Inc. is pleased to introduce Croslite, our newest friend here in the office. We feel confident that Croslite is sure to be your new B.F.F, too. With a foam-body made for loving feet, who wouldn’t want a hug from this lovable buddy?

Loyal, kind-hearted and full of unconditional love, Croslite is lighting up Crocs with all kinds of goodness. To see Croslite up-close-and-personal, check out the newest spring/summer styles like the Lady, Melbourne, and Electro Slide.

Expect to see a lot more of Croslite this year. And let us know if your feet are in need of some Croslite love!


6 Responses to "Meet Croslite, and “Feel the Love”"

Aww he’s so cute!

Where can I buy the “croslite” figure?

Whoever developed cute, friendly little Croslite needs to be commended and given a big raise. This little guy is comparable to the Aflac duck or the gecko for the insurance/finace company. I can’t remember which it was. That’s the thing with Croslite- it is unmistakable who he represents. I have a pair of the original style, black crocs that I wear every day and a pair to spare. After seeing your animated internet ad with Croslite I bought a new pair in another style. They haven’t arrived yet so can’t comment on them. I just can’t have too many pairs of these durable, comfy shoes. Croslite’s picture isn’t very large, I can’t tell, is he wearing Crocs? Other than cutting up my own shoes, how would I go about getting one of the little Croslite figures? Thank you Crocs for a great product.

Thanks! We are pretty happy about Croslite’s addition to our team, too. Yes, Croslite is actually wearing a pair of Crocs (Classic), too. The Croslite figure is not currently available for purchase, but I will pass along your request to buy one. Maybe one day we’ll have them for sale?!

I hope that Crosslite fiuger will be purchase!

Recently took a look at the Crocs Croslite technology. ( Most interesting factor? The ABF technology. Looks wacky but if it works, sounds great.

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