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Sending Love to Africa

Posted on: March 23, 2010

Dijbouti Kids in their new Crocs

10,000 pairs of Crocs shoes were recently donated to the World Emergency Relief organization (WER) and distributed to the Ali Addeh refugee camp, schools, churches, and non-governmental organizations in Dijbouti, Africa.

With a high rate of foot injuries and infections due to the lack of footwear in many areas, WER and Camp Lemonnier were instrumental in ensuring that the donation reached those in most need.


1 Response to "Sending Love to Africa"

In November 2009, 4 adults and 4 teenagers traveled from Tampa Florida to a remote village (no running water, no electricity) in Uganda for a mission trip. They took two hundred pairs of Crocs given as a one-time donation by an individual – the village children, most of whom had no shoes, were thrilled to receive the crocs but there were not nearly enough to go around. The group is going to the same village again in December 2010 and my goal is to send them with at least 500 pairs of crocs !! Can anyone advise me how to apply for a grant or donation or how to get started?? Thank you so much! Pat

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