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Croslite’s TV Debut

Posted on: March 31, 2010

Croslite made its television debut this week starring in the above commercial. We are very excited about this new character and its embodiment of the just-launched “Feel the Love” campaign introducing our spring and summer 2010 styles.

For years, people have known Crocs by the iconic clog. That’s changed. Crocs has so many more styles of shoes out in the market! But, what hasn’t changed, is Crocs’ commitment to comfort and style. The “Feel the Love” campaign is about the true ‘soul’ of Crocs. It’s about being good to your feet and celebrating your personal style at the same time.

“Our new campaign will reinforce what Crocs really stands for — cheeky innovation in the form of a feather-light, odor-resistant, form-to-fit shoe,” said Ken Chaplin, vice president of marketing for Crocs.

This campaign is certainly gaining buzz in the marketplace and folks are loving the new Crocband Flat.


10 Responses to "Croslite’s TV Debut"

AAH!! Are those the new crocband flats I heard rumors about?? I need some!!

I love crocs!! I hope they will also be selling that cute croslite doll!!!!

Thanks, Sarah. That is becoming a popular request, so hopefully one day we can sell some!

The commercial for these shoes is OFF THE HOOK good!!! I absolutely LOVED it!! Finally…a non-sexual approach to advertising that totally engages the viewer. Whoever came up with this….AMAZING!!!!!

Thank you, Linda!

I pre-ordered mine… but I don’t know when they will be available! Anyone have a clue??

It looks like the Crocband Flats will be available mid-June.

I was concerned (as a shareholder) that the Croslite(s) would be talking mascots, but that’s not the case…in the debut at, at least. Excellent choice.

I hope at least one future ad highlights the durability aspect of Crocs; our 5yo has worn Crocs around the world, doing every conceivable activity in them, since he started walking, and he has yet wear out a pair. He simply outgrows them.

Comfortable, yes, but also a value.

I LOVE the commercial! I wish I had some sweet, lovable croc creatures greeting me at the door and massaging MY feet! Forget the shoes, I want some live crocs as pets…though they would be cuter with fur.

There is precedent for this. My father created what was arguably the first furry croc, er, crocodile back in 1953 in a Budapest latex rubber factory. At the time their toy division was testing liquid latex as a way to add fur to rubber toys, and a rubber crocodile was one of their first experiments. That croc, with its coating of bright red fake fur, is a family heirloom. If only we could find it.

I really want a Croslite doll too!

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