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Looking for Your Story

Posted on: April 8, 2010

Earlier this week, we introduced a new feature that will begin on the Crocs blog, where we will look at individuals Around the World. These stories will introduce folks from all over the globe, how they use Crocs in their daily life, and what a day in the life is like for them.

Consider this a way to “walk a mile in another man’s shoes” without actually having to walk anywhere! Aren’t we all curious about the ways that other people live their lives? What life is like for someone else living thousands of miles away? We are, here at Crocs.

If you would like to be featured on the Crocs Blog, please send us an email at with a short snippet about yourself, how Crocs fit into your daily life, and maybe send a photo of your Crocs in action.

Ready, set? Go!


23 Responses to "Looking for Your Story"

In the past four years I had two major back sugeries. My back is total metal from my neck line to my tail bone. I found walking in althethic shoes just made it worse – – I felt like I was lifting 50 lbs each foot. Then I found CROCS via facebook/online. I ordered ALICE (two pairs) and when I where them, their so light weight and so fun – I don’t have to use my cane when I where my ALICE CROCS!!! I LOVE LOVE THEM!! I want more, but can only afford so many at a time. I love them and they really changed the way I walk and carry myself.


Being an elementary school teacher, you never get to sit down. While pregnant with my second child, my dad who had just underwent major back surgery told me to buy a pair of crocs. He raved about how comfortable they were and how his feet never felt better. I didn’t know what to think so I bought a pair… I haven’t stopped wearing them since. Now my daughter who is four will only wear crocs. She loves them, too. Thank you for making my poor pregnant swollen feet feel so good. My husbands jokes that I should be a crocs spokesperson because I tell everybody to get a pair.

I am on my feet working in a veterinary office at least 8 hours per day. My feet were always so tired and my calves were sore. Then I was online looking for better shoes and I found the Crocs Croslites! I absolutely love them! They give great arch support, and lightweight. My legs and feet don’t feel sore when I get off of work. I recommended them to all of the girls that I work with, and they love them too!!!

I just emailed my story! I’m a new owner of Crocs and will now be a faithful Crocs devotee!!

Four years ago life was sailing along with no problems whatsoever. Late 2006, my feet started hurting constantly. I spent the next year in and out of doctor’s offices and specialists who each tried to find a cause for the pain. No cause could be found. It was very difficult to walk or do anything that involved my feet. I tired orthopedic solutions but they made my feet feel worse.

It was a year later before I would discover Crocs. After trying them for just a short while, my feet began to feel better so I bought pairs for work and other activities that I do. I even bought Crocs for golf which I am able to enjoy again thanks to your product.

To be honest, the pain in my feet is not gone but wearing Crocs makes me more able to tolerate the pain. They are very light and provide some circulation benefits too.

Crocs were a great benefit to me when no one else had ideas that made a difference. Thank you Crocs!


I love Crocs…You could wear them both inside and out….I know I could go from dry land to walking through puddles or watering the garden without having to change shoes…I have a 2 year old niece who loves water and she loves to go outside…But, when she is outside, she has to wear shoes…In the spring and summer, crocs is her shoe to wear outside…She could go splash in the water without us worrying about her shoes being damaged…Everyone in my family has a pair and they are all different colors…It was a great way for the kids to learn their colors….

I was born with turned in feet, extra tight muscles in my feet, loose knees joints, extra bones in my feet, etc. As I aged I have been experiencing more problems and pain associated with the arthritis that has come along with my other disabilities!

I have seen a variety of Doctors, Podiatrists, even alternative medicine practitioners. Nothing has helped me get around until my Crocs! I have a nephew in-law that came from Denver with our niece to meet the family. He was wearing Crocs and being a sufferer from a bad knee, he raved about them. I got a pair as soon as I could. The first day I got them (back when there was only one style to choose from) I was able to spend the whole day walking around with my partner and other family, at the mall! I hadn’t been able to walk like that in years!

We have shared our love of Crocs with other family and friends. I even bought pairs for my Father who suffers from Lupus and he’s able to get around much better with them!

I just wish I could afford every pair I’ve wanted! I’d have one of every style!

Thanks so much Crocs for giving me my mobility back! I’ve even gone back to school – and I don’t fear walking across campus!

I have had itching feet for two years and no doctor knows why? When my feet get hot in shoes it gets worse and when I wear flip flops my feet get too dry and they itch even more. After I tried CROCS I threw all my shoes out and started from scratch. I now own 10 pairs and have found a miracle shoe. Even though I still have chronic itching in my feet that is still unresolved, CROCS is the only shoe that I can wear that makes my feet itch less then all the other shoes I have ever owned. If you have any type of feet problems give CROCS a try and you too will be a CROCODILE girl like me! Or a CROCODILE BOY!

I remember when I was at my swimming classes, I was always using them before, after, everywhere always at the swimming pool. One day at the beach I found 2 crocs at the sea, so I got `em. Wet, a dad very occuped with his wife and kids told me that those were his crocs. Iexplained him all and he told me he never saw his crocs weren’t where he left them. That was kind of… funny. :)

I have been wearing Crocs for about two years now. My first pair I bought on a whime. A pair of Beach in black. Nothing outrageous or anything just to try out. Living in the Denver/Boulder area where the company is headquartered, I see sooooo many people wearing them I just had to see what all the hype was about. It took me about 5 seconds to become a fan for life.

In 1999 I broke my back and required major reconstructive surgery including several fusions, removal of one vertebra, as well as the installation of two rods and other instruments to hold everything together. My back is still sore on occasion as well as my knees. Since moving into Crocs, the problems haven’t been nearly as pronounced.

My collection has grown since that first black pair of Beach. I now have the Beach in black, grape, ruby, yellow, orange, medium blue, baby blue, and lime green. I have the Bistros in black and brown for work. I work at a financial institution and am required to wear a shirt and tie many days. Hardly anyone can tell that I am wearing “dressy” clothes with Crocs unless they’re really paying attention. I also have my Mammoth for those colder Colorado days. I also recently purchased a pair of Linden that are different but just as comfortable.

I have also brought new fans to the Crocs party including my mom and one of my good friends.

I have and still wear Tevas and have tried Birkenstocks, but nothing compares in comfort to Crocs. You will rarely find me in anything else! Thank you for helping comfort my back and knees!

I first came across Crocs’ while I was in Nicaragua. I had borrowed a pair to walk back to my cabana during a tropical storm. I swore that I would buy myself a pair as soon as I got back to the states. Shortly thereafter, there was program about a charity giving shoes to people in Africa. The shoes that they had chosen to donate were, Crocs’. The importance of footwear took a backseat to other things in my life, until I met a beautiful woman, that happened to be hooked on Crocs’. Christmas time was coming, She had stated many times that,”if you know me you get Crocs’ as a gift”. She gifted me two pair, a fleece lined pair and a summer pair which had ample room for Jibbitz. We wear our Crocs’ everywhere, including as a great relaxation shoe after hiking, usually 10 miles or so. I can’t think of any shoe we have been more crazy about, not to mention all the cool Jibbitz you can use to decorate. There are so many styles, I don’t think I will ever run out of things I want from the Crocs’ website, it’s a joy every time I visit. I, We Love CROCS’

I was doing some Christmas shopping at the mall with my mother when I saw a pair of mammoth so we tried them on. They quickly became my favorite pair of shoes that I ever owned, and walked out of the store with 3 pairs each(one in each color form Macy’s). They were the most comfy shoes that I have ever owned. After wearing them for a few weeks my foot and back pain soon subsided. So I’ve been wearing crocs of all styles since 2007 and know am a proud owner of 17 pairs of crocs and have purchased 35 pairs for others for every occasion from Christmas to birthdays, if your my friend you might just receive a pair of crocs for any special occasion.


Thanks for sharing your story, Julie. (Been there with the swollen pregnant feet, too, and it is NO fun!)

Wow, Allison, thanks so much for being a SUPER fan!

You are not alone, Mike. So many folks write to tell us about how Crocs have helped their back, knee and foot issues. So glad you’re with us!

We love ’em in our house, too. My 3 yr old can put them on by herself, and during the summer days when it’s in and out and in and out all day long…we are ALL psyched about the ease of Crocs. Thanks for sharing your story!

Thanks, Larry. Glad you are able to get back out there on the golf course!

Thanks so much, Graves. What a great story!

I injured my back about fourteen years ago. I have had several surgeries and have permanent nerve damage. Over the years, my back problems have esculated to many additional problems, all of which are painful. I have spent so much money on different shoes and inserts, etc. in addition to the time that it takes to be fitted for these things. They NEVER live up to the promises. One day about six years ago, I tried my first pair of Crocs. They were the only shoe that I have been able to wear since my injury that actually does not cause more pain and actually allows me to live a more normal life. I was SO happy when you began to make more designs. I actually have been able to wear heels for the first time in MANY years, and of course, they are Crocs!
I always tell anyone that says anything about having leg, foot or back problems about your shoes, and you always end up with another faithful customer! I am always suprised to find that most of these people initially know nothing about your shoes, or didn’t consider them in that manner. That is why I REALLY think that you could capitalize on that aspect of your product, since from reading the other comments, it seems that is a common thread. Thanks again for a wonderful product!!

I got my first pair for a birthday present from a friend. at first I though they were kinda ugly but then after wearing them I found that I love them!! I have severely cracked heals and I’m a diabetic. Whenever my heals crack I can only wear Crocs for my shoe. Whenever I find that I’m out and about and didn’t expect to be on my feet for long I long for my Crocs. They are amazing. I wear them in the water, sand. easily washes. I ordered more Crocs online. can’t wait to get them. I love Crocs. Whoever invented them is a rich person. Congrats on your invention!!

A friend recommended Crocs to me (back when there were only Beach Crocs) because I was having alot of foot issues. At the time, I had 18 bone spurs on one foot and 21 bone spurs on the other and I could barely walk! I was in agony at work (concrete floors) and no other type of footwear or orthotics were solving the problem. After wearing my navy beach Crocs for a couple of weeks, the pain was easing. To make a long story short, I am the proud owner of 7 pairs of Crocs and have totally worn out 3 pairs and I no longer have any bone spurs!! Now, I have 3 pairs for work, several pairs for anytime wear and even a pair of Prepair that are great after a long day on my feet on concrete floors. Crocs have traveled with me every where I go (Belize, Florida, Mexico, etc) and I never regret taking them!! They are awesome for getting through airport security quickly and so comfortable for swollen airplane feet!!
I have convinced so many people to try them that we now call ourselves the CROC-O-HOLICS!! Thanks so much for inventing such a great shoe and for continuing to develop more styles!!!

More than two years ago I had surgery in my right leg to remove a cancerous tumor. Unfortunately, the doctors had to remove a part of the nerve in the process and I now have a very weak foot as a result. Wearing shoes was painful. I can no longer just grab any pair of shoes that I want to.
All I can say is thank goodness there are Crocs! I can only wear Crocs or running shoes and well, you can guess how good running shoes look with a skirt! – pretty ugly! I have a few different colors and I wear them daily. If I could afford every color, I would have a closet full of them.
My kids even like them because of the cute croc on the side!

Thanks for sharing your story, Denise!

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