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Around the World – in the United Kingdom

Posted on: April 12, 2010

The following is the first in our series, Crocs- Around the World.

Alice with tights

My name is Cat, I’m 27, I work in Marketing and I live in Surrey, UK (near London) with my lovely husband, Garry.

My love affair with Crocs has only been alive for just under a year, but already I have seven pairs!  It all started on holiday last year in Cornwall, on the South coast of England, when Garry and I were taking long walks along the coastline and then down onto different beaches.  It was too hot and awkward for wearing walking boots and switching to sandals all the time, and so I picked up a pair of gold Caymans.  It was love at first wear and by the end of a week’s holiday the blisters and aches I’ve had in my feet since a teenager were all but gone – like a miracle!!

But sadly I work somewhere were I need to be smart and although I am what you might call a ‘creative’ dresser, Caymans really wouldn’t be accepted under the dress code.  A chance encounter in a local sports shop found me a bargain pair of silver Primas, which I customized with ribbons to make them look a little less ‘beachy.’  Still not quite an everyday shoe, I wanted something even smarter.  A quick internet search found me the fabulous Alice, which I immediately ordered in Grape and love so much that I also now have in Ruby Red.  Then I came across Malindi and Olivia so I had to have a pair each of those…and then when the weather really turned during winter I treated myself to a pair of Nadias.  Thanks to my Crocs I can go out walking on my lunch break every day, rain or shine and thankfully not a blister in sight!!

Where else have they taken me?  Plenty of places in the UK, plus a week of walking around Brussels in Belgium and I’m already planning which flip flop style I ‘need’ for my holiday in Greece in June.


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Thanks Crocs for sharing my story! Read more about my love of Crocs at

Cat :O)

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