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Herat Receives 10,000 Pairs of Crocs

Posted on: April 13, 2010

10,000 Crocs shoes

Earlier this spring, Crocs Cares donated 10,000 pairs of Crocs shoes to families on the border of Afghanistan and Iran in Herat. This donation was a partnership between Crocs Cares and the Lamia Afghan Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Afghan people with a focus on mothers and orphans.

With the help of the Women of Hope Project, trucks were loaded with donated supplies for delivery to the villages in Herat. More than 1,200 children walk to and from school in extreme weather conditions. Providing footwear helps to improve these conditions and protect feet.

“10,000 CROCS…That makes an impact!” said the founder of the Lamia Afghan Foundation.


2 Responses to "Herat Receives 10,000 Pairs of Crocs"

What a beautiful thing that Crocs cares enough to do this…Just love Crocs..I bet they are loving them too! Following @Dutchbrosluv ♥

I spent 9 months in Herat with the U.S. military. The people there can surely use this help and even more. Americans don’t realize how blessed we are!

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