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Around the World – in Singapore

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Singapore Family Shoes

When Crocs first came to Singapore, we didn’t really fancy them. Being traditional Asians, we had fixed ideas on how shoes or sandals should  look. One of my kids even vowed she’d never wear those strange bulky-holey shoes. How things have changed and she was proven wrong!

For consecutive years, we were asked what we wanted for our birthdays by my ever-generous sister Helen, (a die-hard Crocs fan and proud owner of at least 6 gorgeous pairs) and we invariably chose Crocs! That explains why we own so many pairs in different designs and colours.

They are so versatile, we can go almost everywhere in them. One year, I had a bad fall and fractured my left foot. During the recovery period, I only wore my trust-comfy brown mary-janes.

We just love them. Another plus factor for a busy mom like me is they are so washable, unlike leather or canvas shoes!  Our family simply loves Crocs!

By Vicky Tan-Yeo from Singapore


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