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Around the World- in Malaysia

Posted on: April 20, 2010

I have 3 pairs of Crocs, and being the very partial person I am, I love them all equally!

Well-loved Mary Janes

Our Malaysian weather and “ground conditions” make my Mary Janes & Olivia the perfect footwear. They are light & comfortable (I wear them all day long), holey (no sweaty feet inspite of our hot, humid weather) and
washable after trekking through some of those less-than-perfect, afore-mentioned “ground conditions.”

(I wash them with some home-made enzyme water, and voila! They come out squeaky clean and shiny, especially the Jibbitz on Olivia!)

Sparkly Jibbitz

What’s light, comfortable, holey and washable? You got it – my Crocs!!  8-)

from Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
(where the sun shines all year round!)


1 Response to "Around the World- in Malaysia"

Hi, I have exactly the same Mary Jane, same color too!!! BUT it doesn’t look as shiny as when I bought it less than a year ago. I’ve tried washing and shining but sadly, it looks old already. What can I do??? Oh by the way I have 3 pairs of Crocs……so happen bought a white and green Sassari too and a beach Crocs with the same problem, stains on the whites…

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