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Inside Crocs- Women’s Footwear Design

Posted on: April 21, 2010

Are you one of those people who love to watch the “making of” segments on DVDs? Are you are fan of the VH1 series Behind the Music? Maybe you are like me in that you have an innate curiosity about the way things work. If so, then this new blog feature is right up your alley.

Welcome to our new series, Inside Crocs, where we will take readers “behind the scenes” of the company from corner to corner. First up, is Footwear Design.

Kathy Santos, Senior Designer of Women's Footwear

Ever wonder where Crocs shoes begin? Who is behind these great designs? Earlier this week, I sat down with Kathy Santos, Senior Designer for Women’s Footwear and 13- year veteran of the footwear industry to ask these questions and more.

Crocs: Why Crocs?

KS: I thought Crocs was a great fit for me–the customer-base. I worked for a lot of years in this kind of mainstream- primarily women- consumer base, so it felt like a really good fit.

Crocs: Designers traditionally find inspiration in a very diverse range of places. Where do you find your inspiration?

KS: I trend constantly. It’s something that I do everyday. It’s understanding what is going in the world in many facets. I also love looking at fabrics and materials for inspiration. Apparel and house wares also give me great inspiration.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes

Crocs: What about designing women’s shoes appeals to you?

KS: I haven’t always done just women’s product. I enjoy it because I think women are fun. They’re bold with color and they’re bold with print, and they always want newness. It’s amazing, just by combining things in a different way, you can take something that they’re familiar with, do it in a new way, and it can be all fresh, new and exciting.

Crocs: What advice would you give to students/professionals who want to pursue a career in footwear?

KS: Love what you do. Follow your heart. If you love it and have a passion for it, then you’re in the right place. Get the right skills and design your passion… you’ll be fine.

Crocs: Anything else you’d like to share?

KS: It’s always a team effort. No designer is an island. It’s always a team effort to come up with great product that will sell to our consumer and be right for the brand.

Thank you, Kathy, for sitting down with us. Keep up the great work!


21 Responses to "Inside Crocs- Women’s Footwear Design"

I d like to know what ever happened to the PATRA shoe/sandal? They are my favorite and I cannot get them anywhere. I dont understand why it s being discontinued.

Could we please have shoes like the golf shoes for women without the spikes?

Like the crocs shoes, it’s comfortable.


We discontinued the Patra as we had some exciting new styles to bring to market and we needed to make room! If you like the Patra, you might also like the Florence. We know the Patra is a favorite so this may come back in the future!

I don’t understand that when you have a very popular design, that you discontinue it???

I have a heel spur and found a design from crocs that fit my feet perfectly. And has a bit of an arch support as well…so nice. I couldn’t believe the profound relief I felt in a shoe that was a reasonable price that I could afford. (I am retired.)

I also have fallen metatarsal arches, and the shoe also helped with that too. But now that summer is here, I am finding the shoe much too hot.

So I have just bought an open type flip flop (forget the name) that has two bands across the foot. But I still have to wear it to see if the heel portion is soft enough for me to be able to wear it for any length of time.

The one that I can wear all day long is the one that has the Z-type band across the foot. But it has been discontinued and is such a disappointment.

I just wish CROCS would make more of the above mentioned shoes in nice colors for us SENIORS who now need more comfort rather than high fashion.


HI There, we would advise that you use your own orthotics in a pair of our shoes. We have plenty that can accommodate orthotics that are closed.

Perhaps a bit off topic and a strange query, but I’m a vegan, and I’m trying to find cheap trainers (sneakers) that do not contain some animal “element”. I gather that many trainers contain perhaps ingredients which are tested on lab rats, or are made from animal stuff. Does anyone know of trainer brands that are completely artificial?

I take a 12.5 WW or 13 in women’s, and have been fitting nicely into the Croc’s Men’s largest sizes. Thankfully, they come in some nice unisex colors and styles. But I’m begging you, imploring you, from the bottom of my crocs-loving heart – please expand the women’s selections for those of us with large and wide feet.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I will be passing it on to our product design teams!

I just bought my first two pairs of Crocs today on Amazon after seeing that there were some cute size 12 womens styles, but there are almost NO cute styles for women on the Crocs site!

I realize my size is not the most popular, but PLEASE consider 3-4 styles in size 12 that are feminine. I can’t picture myself wearing the normal clog-shaped shoe.

You might try and search for vegan shoes. They have a pretty good selection.

Hi Kathy! More dressy Crocs please, I’ll buy them! Everyone is amazed when they learn that my pair of Cyprus heels are Crocs! They are the highest shoes that I have ever been able to wear comfortably and I have plantar fasciitis. Please design more like these in medium and low heels too! If my Crocs fit the occasion, wearing anything else is unthinkable.

i like these very much :D

I love the Madeira Croc – I own 3 pairs, and would love to see it in Black with a white band (near toe) and a black band, and also in Lime Green and Fushia with Lime base and Fushia sole and stripe (similar to the espresso & pink).
Keep adding colors –

I am so disappointed that I cannot find Crocs Patra. I LOVE that sandal. Bring it back!

Sorry, Karen. Stay tuned for some great new styles though. I’ve had a sneak-peak and they’re awesome!

I agree with Donna; why Crocs discontinued the Patra, the best looking shoe they ever made and the only one that fit those of us with narrower feet, is a mystery to me. If they were reintroduced, I would certainly buy 3 or 4 more pairs to go with the 3 pairs I already have.

Stay tuned to our Outlet locations in Spring 2011!

I, too love the Patra style CROCS and wonder why in the world you would discontinue such a comfortable, popular shoe? PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring it back.

Hi BJ, the Patra will be sold on & in our outlets in 2011.

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