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Around the World- in Belgium

Posted on: April 23, 2010

Nathalie's Crocs Collection

Hello my name is Nathalie. I live in Belgium near Mons and I am currently starting my own business.

You have no idea how Crocs changed my life. I usually say that when I saw my first pair of Crocs I just thought “blaaaargh”….but the truth is, I found them cute in a quaint way. I finally got to try a pair. And OOOOOH, magical instant, happy memory forever :) No kidding, I have bad, ultra sensitive feet. The simple idea of having to stand and walk all day used to make me cringe and worry 5 days ahead about which shoes I could possibly wear for the ordeal. I always carried around a pack of band aids for bleeding blisters. I tried everything, every shoe brand famous for being comfortable. You name it, I tried it. And I kept looking for somewhere to sit when I had to walk all day.

One of the strangest Crocs moment I had was the first time I went to a theme park wearing Crocs. In the evening, I started getting a funny sensation in the legs…and I suddenly realized that my legs were tired! I had not sit for the whole day…I had not even thought of sitting. Before Crocs my feet would have given up long before my legs.

And I am converting everyone around me too! All my friends and family now own at least one pair of Crocs!

Now that I am the proud owner of so many pairs you’d think I have enough. But NOOOOO, last Saturday I visited the newly opened Crocs store in Brussels and came out with a pair of red Hanalei and added a few more to my wishlist.


9 Responses to "Around the World- in Belgium"

YAY! i wish i could own a pair in each color! so comfy on this pregnant mama’s feet!

Loved your Crocs story! It’s so true about the tired legs thing, I get that too!

that is brilliant …
I saw you win those …!!! well deserved …
got to love foot comfort !

Loved your Crocs Story…………I am a huge fan of Crocs and own too many pairs to count. Since I live in a cold climate….I would guess my all time favorites to be the lined ones……..I don’t like boots at all…….the Mammoth has become my default foot wear when the winter snow starts to fall!!!

PS….Your picture was grand…..quite a collection!!!

Wow! you are soooo lucky! I see that you have the fuschia crocks! My crocs stores here in San Antonio, TX, USA are soooo limited in the colors they carry and I can only wear the beach (wonderful — the absolute BEST for my feet — 3 screws in one and horrible plantars fasciitis in the other) I have tried and tried to get the colors I want online and can never get them — always sold out — almost always in all sizes and all the time in mine (7 womens).

wish I knew your secret for scoring all of the wonderful bright colors — fuschia, dahlia, sea blue….

Where did you get the sandals that you are wearing??? I don’t see those on the Crocs website, and had some similar a few years ago that I wore until they dissolved… help a girl out please?

Alexis, the shoes in the picture are the Hanalei

wow sweet stuff dude.

Pretty much all the Crocs on the picture are part of those I won in a contest ;)…except for the hanalei I am wearing on the picture that I got at the Crocs store in Brussels.

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