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Around the World- in Brazil!

Posted on: April 30, 2010

Mauricio Chahad in Brazil

Hi, I’m Mauricio Chahad, from Brazil, and I am 25 years old. I am a TV reporter and producer and I wear Crocs because I feel that it brings fun and color to my shows.

I started with a webcast in June of 2006. The show was called “Por aí a fora” and it highlights daily life in the city of São Paulo. After two years of producing the program, I felt that my audience wanted something else. I began writing small programs for the web. Nowadays, my videos are not just online, they are also shown on national television in Brazil (TV Cultura).

The first Crocs I bought were a green pair.  I wore them on my show and I received several e-mails asking about my shoes. Since then, I’ve become a real fan of Crocs and I’ve started to collect them. I have a lot of fun wearing my colorful Crocs!

To read more about me and my life, visit my blog:


3 Responses to "Around the World- in Brazil!"

I am looking all over for Croc’s Cleo that are turquoise on the top and the foot bed is seafoam color. I wear a size 7 shoe. Please let me know if you still carry this.

Mauricio, it’s great to see you’re being accepted for being yourself! Great work to you and your fans!

Brian Lee Reeds
Brunswick, Georgia, USA

WOAH. That is amazing! I would have never thought to run in crocs!

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