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Mandy's Crocs Collection

Hi, my name is Mandy, I am 26 years old. I live and work in Vienna (Austria). Last year I entered Europe’s Biggest Crocs Fan Contest. I found out about it at a trip to the Crocs store to buy my 12th pair of Crocs. Many of you probably think 12 is a lot. Well now I own 52 more :) I won the contest and that was the prize – a year of Crocs (of course I gave some away to friends and family).  Actually it was a tie.  Another girl from Belgium won, too.

It’s quite reassuring to know that I am not the only “crazy” Crocs fan out there. The contest and this blog showed me that I am not alone ;) That’s great because it is such a great product. I love wearing Crocs. I wear them almost every day. They are so comfortable and there are so many different models and colours, you can wear them all year-round, at every occasion. The boots are great – no wet feet on a rainy day. And the ballerinas go nicely with a skirt in the summer time.

Most people only know (and dislike) the typical Crocs (classic) model, and when they see me wearing my Crocs ballerinas, they can’t believe that I am actually wearing Crocs. On the Crocs blog, I read the very touching story of the nurse with rheumatoid arthritis. Last year I was in hospital for about a month, because I had something very similar. Rheumatoid arthritis was one of my symptoms. My feet were swollen, I couldn’t walk without having terrible pains, and the only shoes that fit were my Crocs. Ever since, I have become an even bigger fan.

My favorite pair of Crocs I bought in Dubai. That was only one week after I was released from the hospital – Malindi leopard. Unfortunately they don’t sell these here in Austria. Quite a few stores have opened now in Austria and I think that’s great, but they should really order these and the Hello Kitty Crocs, which are my next Crocs “target.” :) I think these were only sold in Asia though, as a special edition, but somehow – I don’t know how yet – I have to get them.

Whenever I’m abroad and see a Crocs store, I have to go inside and check out their range. In my boyfriend’s hometown there is a small shoe shop that sells medical shoes, so Crocs, too. What’s great about that store is that they also make the shoes perfectly fit. So if your Crocs are a bit too big or too tight, they adjust them. And I got a custom made model of the fuchsia prima’s with straps on them there. They are one of my favorites.

I have so many Crocs stories to tell, but I should come to an end now :)
Greetings from Vienna and enjoy your Crocs :)


Crocs opened a flagship store in its very own backyard this past week. The May 22nd GRAND OPENING, in Boulder, Colorado, included a lot of fanfare.  There were lots of discounts, coupons, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with some of the Crocs founders on-hand, and a Stash & Dash for the die-hard fans who arrived early.

What’s a  Stash & Dash, you say? An amazing opportunity for enthusiasts to take home as many pairs of shoes that they could carry within 10 minutes! It looked a little somethin’ like this:

Last Friday, Crocs employees in Niwot, Colorado, got into the spirit of community giving by volunteering their time to weed, paint and pick up trash in Downtown Boulder.

A day ahead of the Community Clean-Up Day that took place in Boulder, Crocs employees got a jump on the action. With work gloves and compost bags in-hand, the event was a huge success and much appreciated by the City of Boulder.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” said Lisa Martin, Urban Parks Manager for City of Boulder Parks and Recreation. “Initially, 300 volunteers seemed pretty overwhelming, but because we have so high manual maintenance needs here (municipal center) because of our herbicide ban, This is great. We are very appreciative.”

Thanks to all of the Crocs employees who got came out on Friday.

Bags in-hand, ready to go!

Cheng Kue, Senior Designer for Men's Footwear

Late last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our men’s footwear designers. Meet Cheng Kue, Senior Footwear Designer for the Men’s product line:

Why Crocs?

This is a great opportunity for me since Crocs is a young company. To be able to come in and make a big difference in terms of design –not everything is set in stone. So, there are still a lot of processes and designs that I could come in and impact.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration is grounded in my product background. My inspiration comes from the automotive industry. You can look at automotives as a transportation design, and, I think, as footwear designers we are also considered transportation designers. Designing footwear has to go beyond functionality. Consumers have an emotional connection to their footwear.  I look at creating new trends, and at other industries like transportation, furniture, architecture — basically any types of products in the market that are creating a buzz or have something more to give than just a fad.

In your opinion, how has technology advanced footwear design?

The great thing about technology is that it’s actually made life a lot easier. We have these great tools to be able to utilize and are able to create the products we visualized in our minds. From a process standpoint, a lot of the sketching still starts as a thumbnail sketch in a sketchbook. But, it evolves from that by using the Wacom Cintiq (a digital tablet). By using softwares such as Alias Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator you can really create something stunning and show off the overall product as opposed to doing everything with a marker. These tools bring it to life both rapidly and efficiently.

What are some common trends you see emerging in the footwear design industry?

Well, Crocs has created its own trend with molded footwear. Before Crocs ever got into the market, you seldom saw molded footwear. It was definitely more boutique. When Crocs came into the market, we came in with the Cayman/Classic and received acceptance from the consumer that wearing fully molded footwear was okay, to where it was in common use. I think we have started to combine many different types of common silhouettes that we would see in a regular shoe and made it ours and that’s truly the way to be successful.

What advice would you give someone interested in pursuing a career in footwear design?

As a footwear designer, you should take in everything you’ve learned as a product designer. You have to kind of rework it and think a little differently. It’s a special breed to be really successful in footwear. You can’t think of footwear as another PDA (personal digital assistant). I mean footwear doesn’t really work like that. It’ all about taking the old and creating the new and then coming to the table with something that is commercial and compelling. And I think, as designers, we’re always trying to create something compelling not just commercial. The opposite of that would be to create something completely commercial but never compelling without any point of view. As designers, we have to almost take ourselves out of our own “what would I wear” mode and design for what the target consumer would wear.

How do you measure success?

In footwear, people measure success in the amount of pairs you sell. But for me, my personal successes were not in the highest selling shoes but with the shoes that made the biggest impact, the biggest difference in the industry, and stood out to the consumer. You can design shoes that are very commercial, like I said, you’ll sell lots of them but you won’t make any kind of compelling story or your story won’t be heard.

Success, in my career, has always been about the products that push the limit of what goes on your foot. I think of footwear as more than just a shoe, it has to be something more than that if you really want to push the boundaries of what a shoe represents. I’ve had many successes in designing basketball and running shoes that have made both a statement and introduced unheard-of technology in the market.

At Crocs, I will feel successful when I see men truly accept wearing fully-molded products, or true Crocs products, and really stand behind them because of what it represents not because of what people tell them.

This touching letter came to us from Jayna Phillips, a retired nurse. We appreciated Jayna’s story so much that she’ll be receiving a free pair of Crocs. Thank you, Jayna!

Hello! I’m a proud nurse (RN)! I’ve proudly worn Crocs for 8 years EVERY day! Over 8 years ago I was working a full-time job and a part-time job. Both kept me on my feet for over 12 hours a day!

I was diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and plantar faschitis in 2000. I tried every kind of orthotic, special shoes, treatments including surgery and injections. Nothing gave me complete relief. One day a friend and co-worker showed up to work in a pair of classic Beach Crocs. People gave her a hard time about how the Crocs looked. As her supervisor, I had to go to our boss to gain approval for her to wear these shoes at work. We had a very rigid dress code that EXCLUDED slip-on or mule type shoes.

My friend told me that she would fight to get approval to wear these shoes because they were so comfortable and the first shoe that reduced the pain and fatigue in her feet! A day later I searched for Crocs but had no luck in locating them. I then went to my friend and asked where she found hers. At the time the only store that carried Crocs was Dillards at the mall. I went that evening and bought a pair for my poor feet. I have to admit, I was skeptical that they would make much of a difference, especially since I had tried so many other shoes, treatments,orthotics etc. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! In just 24 hours, I could feel the difference!

From that day on, I joined the fight to get approval for us to wear Crocs at work! Within a week we got the approval and within 2 weeks, almost every nurse, including our boss had Crocs on their feet! My feet became so dependent on Crocs that I had to wear them EVERY day, including my days off! I even had to stop going barefoot inside the house! I soon learned that as long as I kept my Crocs on, I didn’t have foot pain, spasms, fatigue! I rotated between 2 pairs of Crocs every day for 5 years! On my fifth year, I wore the souls out on both pairs! Off to Dillards I went where I purchased one pair of the classic Beach Crocs and one pair of the solid(winter) Crocs that have the built in soft socks in black….boy are these perfect for cold weather!

Recently, I had to give up my career as a working RN. I still have my RN license to practice but my body is now disabled. However, I still to this day wear my Crocs each and EVERY day! Even with painful arthritis in my feet and toes, my Crocs never let me down! Thank you Crocs and God bless you! I’ll always be your biggest fan! You’ve been a lifesaver(and pain reducer) and although I’m now terminal, I plan on wearing my Crocs to the very end!

Sincerely and Thanks,

Jayna Phillips RN


Carlos Dias and Crocs

Hi! My name is Carlos Dias. I live in São Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lately I  have been working as a motivational lecturer making speeches in different companies, also I am an ultra-marathoner and I plan  to run around the entire country of Brazil. My goal is to run one ultra marathon per day for 365 days.

Crocs are part of my routine. The first time I saw Crocs, I found them very funny, and I decided to try them on.  Immediately, I felt a great connection, I identified myself with the comfort and lightness of these shoes.

Then, I decided to run across my country, running from north to south wearing Crocs. I used 30 pairs of Crocs shoes and I ran 9.000 kilometers in a 100 days. By completing this, I made it into the Brazilian records book. Enthusiastic with my results, I decided to run the four most extreme deserts on the planet with Crocs.  I ran 1.000 km crossing the deserts of Gobi, China, Sahara, Egypt, Antarctica, South Pole and Atacama, Chile.

Last year, I decided to help an institution that works with children with cancer and I crossed the United States. Each kilometer was sponsored an the proceeds went to help the children with cancer. I left New York and ran to San Francisco. I ran 5130 km in 59 days.

In all my challenges I wore crocs and I plan to wear them in many others. Crocs brought me comfort and a better daily quality of life. My legs used to feel very heavy at the end of a race, when I ran with regular running shoes. Since I started running with Crocs, the feeling is gone. For me, Crocs are amazing.

Carlos Dias