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Around the World- Ultra Marathoner, Carlos Dias

Posted on: May 6, 2010

Carlos Dias and Crocs

Hi! My name is Carlos Dias. I live in São Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lately I  have been working as a motivational lecturer making speeches in different companies, also I am an ultra-marathoner and I plan  to run around the entire country of Brazil. My goal is to run one ultra marathon per day for 365 days.

Crocs are part of my routine. The first time I saw Crocs, I found them very funny, and I decided to try them on.  Immediately, I felt a great connection, I identified myself with the comfort and lightness of these shoes.

Then, I decided to run across my country, running from north to south wearing Crocs. I used 30 pairs of Crocs shoes and I ran 9.000 kilometers in a 100 days. By completing this, I made it into the Brazilian records book. Enthusiastic with my results, I decided to run the four most extreme deserts on the planet with Crocs.  I ran 1.000 km crossing the deserts of Gobi, China, Sahara, Egypt, Antarctica, South Pole and Atacama, Chile.

Last year, I decided to help an institution that works with children with cancer and I crossed the United States. Each kilometer was sponsored an the proceeds went to help the children with cancer. I left New York and ran to San Francisco. I ran 5130 km in 59 days.

In all my challenges I wore crocs and I plan to wear them in many others. Crocs brought me comfort and a better daily quality of life. My legs used to feel very heavy at the end of a race, when I ran with regular running shoes. Since I started running with Crocs, the feeling is gone. For me, Crocs are amazing.

Carlos Dias


1 Response to "Around the World- Ultra Marathoner, Carlos Dias"

How can we work together to design a croc that is usable for tennis matches? We are in pain.

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