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Nurses Love Crocs, and Crocs loves Nurses

Posted on: May 10, 2010

This touching letter came to us from Jayna Phillips, a retired nurse. We appreciated Jayna’s story so much that she’ll be receiving a free pair of Crocs. Thank you, Jayna!

Hello! I’m a proud nurse (RN)! I’ve proudly worn Crocs for 8 years EVERY day! Over 8 years ago I was working a full-time job and a part-time job. Both kept me on my feet for over 12 hours a day!

I was diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and plantar faschitis in 2000. I tried every kind of orthotic, special shoes, treatments including surgery and injections. Nothing gave me complete relief. One day a friend and co-worker showed up to work in a pair of classic Beach Crocs. People gave her a hard time about how the Crocs looked. As her supervisor, I had to go to our boss to gain approval for her to wear these shoes at work. We had a very rigid dress code that EXCLUDED slip-on or mule type shoes.

My friend told me that she would fight to get approval to wear these shoes because they were so comfortable and the first shoe that reduced the pain and fatigue in her feet! A day later I searched for Crocs but had no luck in locating them. I then went to my friend and asked where she found hers. At the time the only store that carried Crocs was Dillards at the mall. I went that evening and bought a pair for my poor feet. I have to admit, I was skeptical that they would make much of a difference, especially since I had tried so many other shoes, treatments,orthotics etc. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! In just 24 hours, I could feel the difference!

From that day on, I joined the fight to get approval for us to wear Crocs at work! Within a week we got the approval and within 2 weeks, almost every nurse, including our boss had Crocs on their feet! My feet became so dependent on Crocs that I had to wear them EVERY day, including my days off! I even had to stop going barefoot inside the house! I soon learned that as long as I kept my Crocs on, I didn’t have foot pain, spasms, fatigue! I rotated between 2 pairs of Crocs every day for 5 years! On my fifth year, I wore the souls out on both pairs! Off to Dillards I went where I purchased one pair of the classic Beach Crocs and one pair of the solid(winter) Crocs that have the built in soft socks in black….boy are these perfect for cold weather!

Recently, I had to give up my career as a working RN. I still have my RN license to practice but my body is now disabled. However, I still to this day wear my Crocs each and EVERY day! Even with painful arthritis in my feet and toes, my Crocs never let me down! Thank you Crocs and God bless you! I’ll always be your biggest fan! You’ve been a lifesaver(and pain reducer) and although I’m now terminal, I plan on wearing my Crocs to the very end!

Sincerely and Thanks,

Jayna Phillips RN


1 Response to "Nurses Love Crocs, and Crocs loves Nurses"

I agree! And the “look-alikes” or “Faux-crocs” not only aren’t even CLOSE to the quality/comfort of the real thing, they’re a BIG waste of money because @ the end of the day, all you’re left with are hurtin’ feet! LOVE me some Crocs!!! ;-)

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