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Crocs Cleans Up Downtown Boulder

Posted on: May 17, 2010

Last Friday, Crocs employees in Niwot, Colorado, got into the spirit of community giving by volunteering their time to weed, paint and pick up trash in Downtown Boulder.

A day ahead of the Community Clean-Up Day that took place in Boulder, Crocs employees got a jump on the action. With work gloves and compost bags in-hand, the event was a huge success and much appreciated by the City of Boulder.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” said Lisa Martin, Urban Parks Manager for City of Boulder Parks and Recreation. “Initially, 300 volunteers seemed pretty overwhelming, but because we have so high manual maintenance needs here (municipal center) because of our herbicide ban, This is great. We are very appreciative.”

Thanks to all of the Crocs employees who got came out on Friday.

Bags in-hand, ready to go!


5 Responses to "Crocs Cleans Up Downtown Boulder"

I noticed looking on your website here that you give no recognition to any of the Pittsburgh sports teams. Although we are not too proud of our quarteback right now; we still are a Steeler Nation and are also very proud of our Pens also.
We still like to go out to the ball park and watch our Buckos too. Need I remind you that the Pittsburgh Steelers are THE ONLY SIX TIME SUPERBOWL CHAMPS! I feel that if you so wish to have all states log on to the website and shop and order your products, then you should make all sports teams available to them. Besides the fact that Steelers fans aren’t just nationwide…. THEY’RE WORLDWIDE!

Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer. I will definitely pass this along to the product design folks!

I normally wear 8 1/2 to 9 wide width. Do they come in wide width? What size would I order?

Hi Carol, which shoes are you specifically looking at? Happy to help you get the right size information for the shoe you are seeking. :)

Hi Emilia,
Have you tried returning to the store where they were purchased? Many of our retailers have replacement rivets on-hand. Please let me know if I can help:

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