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10,000 Pairs Donated to Afghan Children

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Pink Crocs Donated

Crocs Cares donated more than 10,000 pairs of Crocs to the Lamia Afghan Foundation.  The Lamia Afghan Foundation receives donated goods and, with the help of the Women of Hope Project in Kabul, delivers them to the children throughout the region.

Over 76,000 pounds of aid, including Crocs shoes, school supplies, clothing and other essential items was included in this distribution.  More shoes will be delivered throughout other refugee camps in Afghanistan thanks to the hard work and volunteers of these foundations and the U.S. Military.


8 Responses to "10,000 Pairs Donated to Afghan Children"

l ordered the choc which i felt was choc or brown wow they came in at a gross green. anyway also i ordered 10 but need a 11 what do i need to do?

bill ogles

I have been trying to find someone in your company that I can ask about your crocs that are either; outdated, mismatched, “scratch & dented”, or whatever. We work in many second and third world countries where we constantly see adults and children without any shoes. If you have any crocs that you will be throwing out or donating, would you please think of us? I thank you in advance & may or Lord bless you. My son told me that he saw kids in Iraq wearing crocs when he was on tour there. He came home with a few medals and a purple heart. I gave you my private email.
God Bless You,
Rebecca Yale
ECEA Ministries (A Christian Outreach & Missionary Organization)

The donation of Crocs is so AWESOME! Those people will finally know a taste of comfort. I am so very happy for that!

Does Crocs still make the Boulder Colorado style croc sandals? They are my husband’s favorite style and we can’t find them anymore. Thanks, KE

I think there should be personalized crocs for those people (and kids especially) with unusual names.

that was so nice..
i support what all of u done..

Great suggestion, Janet! :)

I am so happy you donated shoes in Lamia Afghan Foundation, The Crocs Cares are determined to work hard to help poor children.

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