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Inside Crocs- Kids, Jibbitz and Crocs Accessories

Posted on: June 14, 2010

Anne Klein

Earlier this week, I sat down with Anne Klein, Creative Lead, Jibbitz & Crocs Accessories. Here’s a look at our conversation around her design involvement  with kids’ footwear, Jibbitz and Crocs accessories.

How long have you been at Crocs?

I originally came to work for Jibbitz™ in August 2006 and shortly later, we were purchased by Crocs™.  Everything took off from there.  I worked primarily on Jibbitz™ and then worked on Crocs™ kids’ footwear for a year on the Fall 2010 line and Spring 2011 line. Now, I am working to grow the Jibbitz™ and Crocs™ accessory business.

What kids’ style do you think will have an impact from the Fall/Winter 2010 line?

I think Crocs™ is doing a great job designing different styles. Most people think we make only clogs, but we’re really exploring many different silhouettes with the same core properties of comfort and fun.  Particularly for kids, for Fall 2010 it was really important that we create Back to School shoes.  So, we have a whole team of designers across the world that pulled together and made some great designs. In the U.S. we take all of those designs, whether they’re our’s, or Italian designs, or fellow-colleagues’, and we pull them all together. We color them, assign prints to them, and put it all together to form a cohesive collection that merchandises well.  I think Back to School items like our sneakers for boys and girls will be a big hit – particularly the Crocband™ Sneak. I think CrocaSam and CrocaSally will be big hits because they are a cute winter boot style that’s warm and easy to slip on and slip off.  There are a lot of other great designs coming too, so get excited!

Crocs Flibberty Purse

What is happening in the Crocs Accessories?

Jibbitz™ has had great success by creating vehicles, other than our footwear, that can hold charms.  Items such as the Crocs™ O’Dial and the Flibberty Purse have received a lot of customer attention.  I designed the Flibberty Purse—it’s a little molded purse that comes with a big plush flower charm.  Girls can put extra charms in it, too. Toys”R”Us sells it as a game carrier since many portable game devices fit perfectly into it. Customers are definitely interested in additional products for their charms—from footwear to a variety of molded and non-molded accessories.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about Jibbitz™ and Crocs™ Accessories is that it’s very exploratory and experimental. It means constantly trending at a bigger level, because it’s not segmented to one particular product.  It deals with a variety of products.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Honestly, everything can be inspiring. I really try to tune into what is happening on a worldwide level, what’s happening in economics and in politics. Things that really speak to what people are feeling and how they’re buying, and even what their eye is turning towards creatively. So, that inspires me to try to predict how people are going to shop and how they’re going to feel in a couple of years from now. It’s like predicting the future…but it’s educated at the same time.

I really can draw inspiration from anything and it can be as obvious as going to an art museum and seeing some VanGogh’s to something like this bottle cap.

What advice would you give new designers just starting out?

It’s one thing to be a designer, and it’s totally different to be a smart designer. I think you’re a much better designer when you understand what’s around you—you understand the trends around you, you understand how the sales people sell it, and you understand how the customers look at it. So, it’s not just “I draw pretty shoes or pretty skirts,” it’s so much more involved.  Approach this as a learning experience if you’re just getting started and absorb everything.

Thank you, Anne, for sitting down with us and sharing your story with the Crocs community!


10 Responses to "Inside Crocs- Kids, Jibbitz and Crocs Accessories"

I received a “Come back to Crocs” email today and would like to respond. Diversification! the website seems to have exploded in all directions. There are now Crocs in every imaginable style and color.
Unfortunately, the original sandal (Athens) has been reduced to neutral colors & placed on the back burner.
The Athens is a great sandal… well padded, sturdy, durable, washable and very comfortable. For someone with a fused ankle, old knee injuries and back pain, the cushion and slightly elevated heel have been a Godsend. It is also the only sandal I feel “safe” wearing.
Please do not discontinue this style; I hope you will reconsider the color choices.
Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback, Max. I will pass it along to the product team.

I have a GREAT design idea for Jibbitz and would love to submit it to you. What is your procedure? I discussed this idea with my 36 yr old daughter and two of my granddaughters (ages 12 and 16) and they all love it!!!

Hi Suzanne, unfortunately, due to legal concerns, we are not permitted to accept any unsolicited ideas for new products. Thank you so much though for your enthusiasm for our shoes and Jibbitz. Love that you are such a big fan!

Thanks for responding! A bit disappointing but I understand. Yes, we are big fans!

I just want to voice my disappointment over the discontinuation of the Crocling:( My lived in his croclings last year so this summer I bought what seemed to be a similar style the Finn…Not nearly as comfy and soft on his feet:( He doesn’t like them!

Please bring back the Crocling!

Sorry to hear that, Emily. All of Crocs products are under warranty for up to 90 days after your purchase if you would like to return them for a different pair.

The newer kids crocs seem to be made of a different material, harder and “slicker.” The old once seemed softer and spongier. I am very disappointed by this change, and have been desperately trying to find some made from the older style material. I feel that the new ones are more slippery to run around in. The new material reminds me of what “fake” crocs have been made of all along. Why do the new ones feel so different? Is is possible to find the old ones anywhere?

Crocs Accessories are so cute

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

I had no clue Crocs were more than just the Clogs! What a great idea. Love the lil purse, my 4 year old would love to have one. Gonna start shopping around for Christmas! Thanks for what you are doing! :)

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