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Crocs Partners with Commonwealth Games Canada

Posted on: June 24, 2010

Field Hockey at 2006 Commonwealth Games

(Courtesy of Commonwealth Games Canada)

More than 250 Canadian athletes are preparing to compete at the Commonwealth Games taking place in Delhi, India from October 3 to 14.  This year, Canadian competitors will have an edge over the competition as Crocs Canada has partnered with Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) to provide Canadian athletes with innovative footwear designed to help with post-competition recovery.

Crocs’ Prepair™ Collection delivers biomechanical benefits in comfort, health and recovery, including notable reduction in peak muscular effort and peak pressures that relieve strain on the musculoskeletal system.

“This shoe has been market-tested with athletes who’ve confirmed good results for training and performance recovery,” said Scott Stevenson, CGC Director of Sport. “When we heard about the Prepair products, we jumped on the opportunity to partner with Crocs Canada.  Providing this quality footwear for Canadian athletes is one more way in which we can contribute to best-ever performances at the Games.”

“We are thrilled to support Canadian athletes competing in the 2010 Commonwealth Games,” said Andrew Nichols, Director, Marketing & Strategic Sales of Crocs Canada. “Athletes have long been wearing Crocs shoes for their superior function and comfort. The Prepair Collection was designed specifically with those athletes in mind, and is sure to become the premier choice for anyone looking for recovery footwear.”

About Commonwealth Games Canada

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) is the international franchise holder for the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth movement in Canada, and an active, contributing member of the Canadian sport community. The mission of Commonwealth Games Canada is to strengthen sport within Canada and throughout the Commonwealth, by participating in the Commonwealth Games and by using sport as a development tool.


6 Responses to "Crocs Partners with Commonwealth Games Canada"

hi everybody, I don’t like people !!! But I luv the new crocsband shoes !
see u / le versaillais

I would highly recommend adding how to pay with a crocs gift card to your frequently asked questions. I have spent about 45 minutes trying to buy one pair of shoes looking for how to pay online when your cutomer service lines were not available and then calling in to your customer service order line and going through the process to then be transfered to someone else after I finished the order when I said I would be paying with a crocs gift card. In any other situation, I wouldn’t have made the purchase but cannot find them in stores in my area.

Love my black Cleos, when will you have other colors available???? They sold out too soon!

Hi Mike,
Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely pass this on to our website team.

We aren’t planning to launch any new colors as this style has been around for a few years. That said, we know this is a fan favorite so we will continue to carry in our outlets and online in future seasons. Try new styles: Florence and Madeira as well!

(We can also try to locate additional Cleo stock through our retail stores for you via customer service.)

And for kids,crocs are very in demand. With variety of colors,kids crocs has been so popular worldwide.The quality and style makes it ideal especially on summer.

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