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Over 1200 Haitian Families Receive Crocs

Posted on: July 23, 2010

Haiti Donation

Working with the Adventist Development Relief Agency and Crocs’ donation partner, Brothers Brother Foundation, 566 boxes of Crocs were distributed in Haiti earlier this month.

ADRA has focused its Non-Food Item (NFI) Distributions in the commune of Carrefour, Port-au-Prince  to groups such as Thor, Fraternité, La Famille Réunie, and Eric Jean Baptiste. In coordination with other non-government organizations working and managing internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in this commune, ADRA has chosen to work in over 17 camps in Carrefour. These shoes will help protect the feet of camp inhabitants from being injured and infected by sharp cans. IDP camps are often littered with a lot of garbage and debris, and the NFI Team felt that giving shoes to protect the feet from objects on the ground, would promote better hygiene. A variety of sizes of sandals were given to each family in an attempt to reach all ages.

Distribution of Crocs

This was just the beginning of the distribution of the 80,000 pairs that Crocs sentto Haiti after the January earthquake. More donations will be distributed by UNICEF and Global Aid Network by the end of July.


1 Response to "Over 1200 Haitian Families Receive Crocs"

Please consider manufacturing shoes in double wide sizes. There is a large market of women who have bunions and other foot issues. Your styling and the soft materials you create your shoes with would work well for foot problems. Judging form the stores in this area, which cater to wide feet, I think there is a good market.
Personally I have tried on some of your styles because I thought by looking at them they might work. While your shoes almost fit me they did not quite work.
I would love to have a pair of your Havana Wedge Slingback shoes in hot pink.
My size is a 7WW. Let me know if you ever make wider shoes; I will be the first in line for a pair.

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