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Field Hockey at 2006 Commonwealth Games

(Courtesy of Commonwealth Games Canada)

More than 250 Canadian athletes are preparing to compete at the Commonwealth Games taking place in Delhi, India from October 3 to 14.  This year, Canadian competitors will have an edge over the competition as Crocs Canada has partnered with Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) to provide Canadian athletes with innovative footwear designed to help with post-competition recovery.

Crocs’ Prepair™ Collection delivers biomechanical benefits in comfort, health and recovery, including notable reduction in peak muscular effort and peak pressures that relieve strain on the musculoskeletal system.

“This shoe has been market-tested with athletes who’ve confirmed good results for training and performance recovery,” said Scott Stevenson, CGC Director of Sport. “When we heard about the Prepair products, we jumped on the opportunity to partner with Crocs Canada.  Providing this quality footwear for Canadian athletes is one more way in which we can contribute to best-ever performances at the Games.”

“We are thrilled to support Canadian athletes competing in the 2010 Commonwealth Games,” said Andrew Nichols, Director, Marketing & Strategic Sales of Crocs Canada. “Athletes have long been wearing Crocs shoes for their superior function and comfort. The Prepair Collection was designed specifically with those athletes in mind, and is sure to become the premier choice for anyone looking for recovery footwear.”

About Commonwealth Games Canada

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) is the international franchise holder for the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth movement in Canada, and an active, contributing member of the Canadian sport community. The mission of Commonwealth Games Canada is to strengthen sport within Canada and throughout the Commonwealth, by participating in the Commonwealth Games and by using sport as a development tool.


Mandy's Crocs Collection

Hi, my name is Mandy, I am 26 years old. I live and work in Vienna (Austria). Last year I entered Europe’s Biggest Crocs Fan Contest. I found out about it at a trip to the Crocs store to buy my 12th pair of Crocs. Many of you probably think 12 is a lot. Well now I own 52 more :) I won the contest and that was the prize – a year of Crocs (of course I gave some away to friends and family).  Actually it was a tie.  Another girl from Belgium won, too.

It’s quite reassuring to know that I am not the only “crazy” Crocs fan out there. The contest and this blog showed me that I am not alone ;) That’s great because it is such a great product. I love wearing Crocs. I wear them almost every day. They are so comfortable and there are so many different models and colours, you can wear them all year-round, at every occasion. The boots are great – no wet feet on a rainy day. And the ballerinas go nicely with a skirt in the summer time.

Most people only know (and dislike) the typical Crocs (classic) model, and when they see me wearing my Crocs ballerinas, they can’t believe that I am actually wearing Crocs. On the Crocs blog, I read the very touching story of the nurse with rheumatoid arthritis. Last year I was in hospital for about a month, because I had something very similar. Rheumatoid arthritis was one of my symptoms. My feet were swollen, I couldn’t walk without having terrible pains, and the only shoes that fit were my Crocs. Ever since, I have become an even bigger fan.

My favorite pair of Crocs I bought in Dubai. That was only one week after I was released from the hospital – Malindi leopard. Unfortunately they don’t sell these here in Austria. Quite a few stores have opened now in Austria and I think that’s great, but they should really order these and the Hello Kitty Crocs, which are my next Crocs “target.” :) I think these were only sold in Asia though, as a special edition, but somehow – I don’t know how yet – I have to get them.

Whenever I’m abroad and see a Crocs store, I have to go inside and check out their range. In my boyfriend’s hometown there is a small shoe shop that sells medical shoes, so Crocs, too. What’s great about that store is that they also make the shoes perfectly fit. So if your Crocs are a bit too big or too tight, they adjust them. And I got a custom made model of the fuchsia prima’s with straps on them there. They are one of my favorites.

I have so many Crocs stories to tell, but I should come to an end now :)
Greetings from Vienna and enjoy your Crocs :)

Carlos Dias and Crocs

Hi! My name is Carlos Dias. I live in São Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lately I  have been working as a motivational lecturer making speeches in different companies, also I am an ultra-marathoner and I plan  to run around the entire country of Brazil. My goal is to run one ultra marathon per day for 365 days.

Crocs are part of my routine. The first time I saw Crocs, I found them very funny, and I decided to try them on.  Immediately, I felt a great connection, I identified myself with the comfort and lightness of these shoes.

Then, I decided to run across my country, running from north to south wearing Crocs. I used 30 pairs of Crocs shoes and I ran 9.000 kilometers in a 100 days. By completing this, I made it into the Brazilian records book. Enthusiastic with my results, I decided to run the four most extreme deserts on the planet with Crocs.  I ran 1.000 km crossing the deserts of Gobi, China, Sahara, Egypt, Antarctica, South Pole and Atacama, Chile.

Last year, I decided to help an institution that works with children with cancer and I crossed the United States. Each kilometer was sponsored an the proceeds went to help the children with cancer. I left New York and ran to San Francisco. I ran 5130 km in 59 days.

In all my challenges I wore crocs and I plan to wear them in many others. Crocs brought me comfort and a better daily quality of life. My legs used to feel very heavy at the end of a race, when I ran with regular running shoes. Since I started running with Crocs, the feeling is gone. For me, Crocs are amazing.

Carlos Dias

Mauricio Chahad in Brazil

Hi, I’m Mauricio Chahad, from Brazil, and I am 25 years old. I am a TV reporter and producer and I wear Crocs because I feel that it brings fun and color to my shows.

I started with a webcast in June of 2006. The show was called “Por aí a fora” and it highlights daily life in the city of São Paulo. After two years of producing the program, I felt that my audience wanted something else. I began writing small programs for the web. Nowadays, my videos are not just online, they are also shown on national television in Brazil (TV Cultura).

The first Crocs I bought were a green pair.  I wore them on my show and I received several e-mails asking about my shoes. Since then, I’ve become a real fan of Crocs and I’ve started to collect them. I have a lot of fun wearing my colorful Crocs!

To read more about me and my life, visit my blog:

Jessica in her Melbournes

Hola, mi nombre es Jessica. I am born of Puerto Rican decent, born and raised in Florida where I currently reside along with my husband, Alex, of nine years and my two dogs, Jiggy and Dixie. Alex is my high school sweetheart. Soon after graduating he pursued a career in culinary. It became crystal clear to me that he couldn’t use just any shoe to work in the kitchen. His feet took a beating. So, for years now we have been relying on Crocs for his daily work attire.

On the other hand, I work in a corporate setting and I found it more suitable walking into the office with my suit and heels everyday even if the dress code didn’t require it. Unfortunately, these past few years I have suffered more than one injury to my feet causing me to be in crutches, a special boot and physical therapy to avoid further damage. After injuring my Achilles tendon a few years ago my right foot has never been the same. Most, recently I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot.

At first, I embraced the idea of putting away heels and wearing sneakers for the rest of my life until I had to place an order for my husband’s annual purchase of Bistro clogs for work. I decided to take a look around at your site for women’s shoes. To my surprise, I fell in love with the Women’s Melbourne in sky blue and oyster.  I thought to myself “have I found a versatile shoe I can actually enjoy wearing and be comfortable”. Can I just say that as soon as I slipped these bad boys on an overall relief came over my body. Not only are the shoes stylish, they offer extra support where I need it most.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how much I love what your company stands for, my feet. It isn’t just about how they look, you intricately weave in odor-resistant interior, easy-to-clean fabrics and your styles are getting better each time I visit your site. I am a believer and a loyal customer for life. Thank you so much for putting the emphasis that you do into making our feet look and feel great!

Nathalie's Crocs Collection

Hello my name is Nathalie. I live in Belgium near Mons and I am currently starting my own business.

You have no idea how Crocs changed my life. I usually say that when I saw my first pair of Crocs I just thought “blaaaargh”….but the truth is, I found them cute in a quaint way. I finally got to try a pair. And OOOOOH, magical instant, happy memory forever :) No kidding, I have bad, ultra sensitive feet. The simple idea of having to stand and walk all day used to make me cringe and worry 5 days ahead about which shoes I could possibly wear for the ordeal. I always carried around a pack of band aids for bleeding blisters. I tried everything, every shoe brand famous for being comfortable. You name it, I tried it. And I kept looking for somewhere to sit when I had to walk all day.

One of the strangest Crocs moment I had was the first time I went to a theme park wearing Crocs. In the evening, I started getting a funny sensation in the legs…and I suddenly realized that my legs were tired! I had not sit for the whole day…I had not even thought of sitting. Before Crocs my feet would have given up long before my legs.

And I am converting everyone around me too! All my friends and family now own at least one pair of Crocs!

Now that I am the proud owner of so many pairs you’d think I have enough. But NOOOOO, last Saturday I visited the newly opened Crocs store in Brussels and came out with a pair of red Hanalei and added a few more to my wishlist.

I have 3 pairs of Crocs, and being the very partial person I am, I love them all equally!

Well-loved Mary Janes

Our Malaysian weather and “ground conditions” make my Mary Janes & Olivia the perfect footwear. They are light & comfortable (I wear them all day long), holey (no sweaty feet inspite of our hot, humid weather) and
washable after trekking through some of those less-than-perfect, afore-mentioned “ground conditions.”

(I wash them with some home-made enzyme water, and voila! They come out squeaky clean and shiny, especially the Jibbitz on Olivia!)

Sparkly Jibbitz

What’s light, comfortable, holey and washable? You got it – my Crocs!!  8-)

from Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
(where the sun shines all year round!)