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Haiti Donation

Working with the Adventist Development Relief Agency and Crocs’ donation partner, Brothers Brother Foundation, 566 boxes of Crocs were distributed in Haiti earlier this month.

ADRA has focused its Non-Food Item (NFI) Distributions in the commune of Carrefour, Port-au-Prince  to groups such as Thor, Fraternité, La Famille Réunie, and Eric Jean Baptiste. In coordination with other non-government organizations working and managing internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in this commune, ADRA has chosen to work in over 17 camps in Carrefour. These shoes will help protect the feet of camp inhabitants from being injured and infected by sharp cans. IDP camps are often littered with a lot of garbage and debris, and the NFI Team felt that giving shoes to protect the feet from objects on the ground, would promote better hygiene. A variety of sizes of sandals were given to each family in an attempt to reach all ages.

Distribution of Crocs

This was just the beginning of the distribution of the 80,000 pairs that Crocs sentto Haiti after the January earthquake. More donations will be distributed by UNICEF and Global Aid Network by the end of July.


Pink Crocs Donated

Crocs Cares donated more than 10,000 pairs of Crocs to the Lamia Afghan Foundation.  The Lamia Afghan Foundation receives donated goods and, with the help of the Women of Hope Project in Kabul, delivers them to the children throughout the region.

Over 76,000 pounds of aid, including Crocs shoes, school supplies, clothing and other essential items was included in this distribution.  More shoes will be delivered throughout other refugee camps in Afghanistan thanks to the hard work and volunteers of these foundations and the U.S. Military.

New pair of Crocs

Last month, Crocs partnered with Feed the Children to donate 500 pairs of Crocs shoes to the children throughout seven different villages in Bocas del Toro in Panama.

With the help of Feed the Children, Crocs shoes were distributed by Operation Safe Drinking Water as part of its effort to set up water systems and dental clinics in the region.

Children who brushed their teeth were given a certificate to visit the makeshift Crocs store, where they were given a pair of new Crocs shoes.

Clean teeth and new Crocs…what could be better?

10,000 Crocs shoes

Earlier this spring, Crocs Cares donated 10,000 pairs of Crocs shoes to families on the border of Afghanistan and Iran in Herat. This donation was a partnership between Crocs Cares and the Lamia Afghan Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Afghan people with a focus on mothers and orphans.

With the help of the Women of Hope Project, trucks were loaded with donated supplies for delivery to the villages in Herat. More than 1,200 children walk to and from school in extreme weather conditions. Providing footwear helps to improve these conditions and protect feet.

“10,000 CROCS…That makes an impact!” said the founder of the Lamia Afghan Foundation.

Dijbouti Kids in their new Crocs

10,000 pairs of Crocs shoes were recently donated to the World Emergency Relief organization (WER) and distributed to the Ali Addeh refugee camp, schools, churches, and non-governmental organizations in Dijbouti, Africa.

With a high rate of foot injuries and infections due to the lack of footwear in many areas, WER and Camp Lemonnier were instrumental in ensuring that the donation reached those in most need.

We want to thank our Crocs employees, Melissa DiPaola, Mary Kate Houk, and Barb Romero, who donated their time earlier this month by volunteering at The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation event in Denver, Colorado.  This annual event encourages volunteers to shave their heads as a show of solidarity with kids fighting cancer. Proceeds from these events help to support cancer research grants.

“To be so young and have to fight for your life is beyond comprehension. I admire the strength of the children as well as their families. I hope to be a participant of this event for years to come,” said Barb Romero.

Melissa, Mary and Barb worked hard putting together goody bags for the 300 participants, who shaved their heads and raised a total of $142,000 for cancer research.

“It really was a truly rewarding experience to be a part of raising money for kids’ cancer research. The stories of the honoree families were extremely touching and I can see why so many people return year after year to volunteer and shave their heads,” said Melissa.

In addition to Crocs employees supporting the event, Crocs donated new Crocbands shoes to all the pediatric cancer patients and a raffle for the participants.

For more information on The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation go to:

Earlier this month Crocs CaresSM once again teamed up with UNICEF and the Panama Ministry of Health (MINSA) to donate more than 6,000 pairs of shoes to the children in the Buenos Aires and Chumico School, located in Ngöbe Ñurum.  The First Lady, Marta Linares de Martinelli, and actor Dylan Bruno (pictured below), of CBS’ series Numb3rs, were on hand for the donation. Dylan has a passion for helping those less fortunate in Latin American countries and saw this as a great opportunity to join the Crocs CaresSM efforts to provide footwear to those in need.