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Crocs, Inc. Blog Comment Policy

We write this blog to promote open communication with the public and encourage comments. Comments are open, but due to the legal and regulatory environment that we operate under, we will review and moderate comments before they are posted. We will attempt to do this in a timely fashion. We will remove all comments that are off-topic, spam, overtly self-promoting, abusive, inappropriate, or uncivil in any way.

We value this forum for communication. Feel free to debate or disagree with us, but we require you to identify yourself so that any agendas, biases, or affiliations are clear and stated. The Internet is known for its anonymity – but anonymity also empowers one to be disruptive and destroy the conversations and communications we look forward to developing. Disclosure forces people to be honest and take responsibility for their own words. Anonymous comments are likely to be moderated or deleted.

If we can’t post your comment, we will send you an email (if provided) to let you know why. If we have to edit your comment, we will make the appropriate notation disclaiming that the post has been edited prior to posting. Pursuant to company policy, we will also delete from the comments any unsolicited business ideas (products, ads, promotions, etc). As a global company, we are constantly developing ideas internally and with our partners and, to avoid any messy litigation, we will not accept outside solicitation.

The authors and editors of this blog are real people. While employees of Crocs, Inc., they are also individuals that desire to have an open and honest dialogue with the people that visit this blog. Their opinions and commentaries, while integral to the health and prosperity of Crocs, Inc. corporate culture, do not represent the official positions of Crocs, Inc. and solely represent their respective personal views.

This blog adheres to the privacy policy that is found on the main Crocs, Inc. website and is located here:

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