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Anne Klein

Earlier this week, I sat down with Anne Klein, Creative Lead, Jibbitz & Crocs Accessories. Here’s a look at our conversation around her design involvement  with kids’ footwear, Jibbitz and Crocs accessories.

How long have you been at Crocs?

I originally came to work for Jibbitz™ in August 2006 and shortly later, we were purchased by Crocs™.  Everything took off from there.  I worked primarily on Jibbitz™ and then worked on Crocs™ kids’ footwear for a year on the Fall 2010 line and Spring 2011 line. Now, I am working to grow the Jibbitz™ and Crocs™ accessory business.

What kids’ style do you think will have an impact from the Fall/Winter 2010 line?

I think Crocs™ is doing a great job designing different styles. Most people think we make only clogs, but we’re really exploring many different silhouettes with the same core properties of comfort and fun.  Particularly for kids, for Fall 2010 it was really important that we create Back to School shoes.  So, we have a whole team of designers across the world that pulled together and made some great designs. In the U.S. we take all of those designs, whether they’re our’s, or Italian designs, or fellow-colleagues’, and we pull them all together. We color them, assign prints to them, and put it all together to form a cohesive collection that merchandises well.  I think Back to School items like our sneakers for boys and girls will be a big hit – particularly the Crocband™ Sneak. I think CrocaSam and CrocaSally will be big hits because they are a cute winter boot style that’s warm and easy to slip on and slip off.  There are a lot of other great designs coming too, so get excited!

Crocs Flibberty Purse

What is happening in the Crocs Accessories?

Jibbitz™ has had great success by creating vehicles, other than our footwear, that can hold charms.  Items such as the Crocs™ O’Dial and the Flibberty Purse have received a lot of customer attention.  I designed the Flibberty Purse—it’s a little molded purse that comes with a big plush flower charm.  Girls can put extra charms in it, too. Toys”R”Us sells it as a game carrier since many portable game devices fit perfectly into it. Customers are definitely interested in additional products for their charms—from footwear to a variety of molded and non-molded accessories.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about Jibbitz™ and Crocs™ Accessories is that it’s very exploratory and experimental. It means constantly trending at a bigger level, because it’s not segmented to one particular product.  It deals with a variety of products.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Honestly, everything can be inspiring. I really try to tune into what is happening on a worldwide level, what’s happening in economics and in politics. Things that really speak to what people are feeling and how they’re buying, and even what their eye is turning towards creatively. So, that inspires me to try to predict how people are going to shop and how they’re going to feel in a couple of years from now. It’s like predicting the future…but it’s educated at the same time.

I really can draw inspiration from anything and it can be as obvious as going to an art museum and seeing some VanGogh’s to something like this bottle cap.

What advice would you give new designers just starting out?

It’s one thing to be a designer, and it’s totally different to be a smart designer. I think you’re a much better designer when you understand what’s around you—you understand the trends around you, you understand how the sales people sell it, and you understand how the customers look at it. So, it’s not just “I draw pretty shoes or pretty skirts,” it’s so much more involved.  Approach this as a learning experience if you’re just getting started and absorb everything.

Thank you, Anne, for sitting down with us and sharing your story with the Crocs community!


Top 15 Semi-Finalists

With more than 200 entries and 3600 votes from fans all over North America, Crocs announced yesterday the Top 15 Semi-Finalists in the Crocs Ambassador contest. We received so many wonderful entries and it was amazing to see the interest from our fans in becoming a Crocs Ambassador.

Crocs fans are a colorful group, without a doubt, and their enthusiasm for our shoes is absolutely contagious. As a thank you to all of those who submitted entries, we’ll be sending somethin’ special to your inboxes. Stay tuned.

But, the contest continues on! Be sure to visit the Facebook fan page to view the Top 15 Semi-Finalists and cast your vote for whom you think should make it into the Top 10. Ten lucky finalists will be invited to Colorado in early-July for a couple of days, where we’ll have the opportunity to meet one another and get to know the group. Five ambassadors will be chosen from that group of 10 to be our Crocs Ambassadors! We are so excited about meeting these folks. Vote now and vote daily until June 25th!

Pink Crocs Donated

Crocs Cares donated more than 10,000 pairs of Crocs to the Lamia Afghan Foundation.  The Lamia Afghan Foundation receives donated goods and, with the help of the Women of Hope Project in Kabul, delivers them to the children throughout the region.

Over 76,000 pounds of aid, including Crocs shoes, school supplies, clothing and other essential items was included in this distribution.  More shoes will be delivered throughout other refugee camps in Afghanistan thanks to the hard work and volunteers of these foundations and the U.S. Military.

Mandy's Crocs Collection

Hi, my name is Mandy, I am 26 years old. I live and work in Vienna (Austria). Last year I entered Europe’s Biggest Crocs Fan Contest. I found out about it at a trip to the Crocs store to buy my 12th pair of Crocs. Many of you probably think 12 is a lot. Well now I own 52 more :) I won the contest and that was the prize – a year of Crocs (of course I gave some away to friends and family).  Actually it was a tie.  Another girl from Belgium won, too.

It’s quite reassuring to know that I am not the only “crazy” Crocs fan out there. The contest and this blog showed me that I am not alone ;) That’s great because it is such a great product. I love wearing Crocs. I wear them almost every day. They are so comfortable and there are so many different models and colours, you can wear them all year-round, at every occasion. The boots are great – no wet feet on a rainy day. And the ballerinas go nicely with a skirt in the summer time.

Most people only know (and dislike) the typical Crocs (classic) model, and when they see me wearing my Crocs ballerinas, they can’t believe that I am actually wearing Crocs. On the Crocs blog, I read the very touching story of the nurse with rheumatoid arthritis. Last year I was in hospital for about a month, because I had something very similar. Rheumatoid arthritis was one of my symptoms. My feet were swollen, I couldn’t walk without having terrible pains, and the only shoes that fit were my Crocs. Ever since, I have become an even bigger fan.

My favorite pair of Crocs I bought in Dubai. That was only one week after I was released from the hospital – Malindi leopard. Unfortunately they don’t sell these here in Austria. Quite a few stores have opened now in Austria and I think that’s great, but they should really order these and the Hello Kitty Crocs, which are my next Crocs “target.” :) I think these were only sold in Asia though, as a special edition, but somehow – I don’t know how yet – I have to get them.

Whenever I’m abroad and see a Crocs store, I have to go inside and check out their range. In my boyfriend’s hometown there is a small shoe shop that sells medical shoes, so Crocs, too. What’s great about that store is that they also make the shoes perfectly fit. So if your Crocs are a bit too big or too tight, they adjust them. And I got a custom made model of the fuchsia prima’s with straps on them there. They are one of my favorites.

I have so many Crocs stories to tell, but I should come to an end now :)
Greetings from Vienna and enjoy your Crocs :)

Crocs opened a flagship store in its very own backyard this past week. The May 22nd GRAND OPENING, in Boulder, Colorado, included a lot of fanfare.  There were lots of discounts, coupons, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with some of the Crocs founders on-hand, and a Stash & Dash for the die-hard fans who arrived early.

What’s a  Stash & Dash, you say? An amazing opportunity for enthusiasts to take home as many pairs of shoes that they could carry within 10 minutes! It looked a little somethin’ like this:

Last Friday, Crocs employees in Niwot, Colorado, got into the spirit of community giving by volunteering their time to weed, paint and pick up trash in Downtown Boulder.

A day ahead of the Community Clean-Up Day that took place in Boulder, Crocs employees got a jump on the action. With work gloves and compost bags in-hand, the event was a huge success and much appreciated by the City of Boulder.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” said Lisa Martin, Urban Parks Manager for City of Boulder Parks and Recreation. “Initially, 300 volunteers seemed pretty overwhelming, but because we have so high manual maintenance needs here (municipal center) because of our herbicide ban, This is great. We are very appreciative.”

Thanks to all of the Crocs employees who got came out on Friday.

Bags in-hand, ready to go!