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The following is a post from one our AMAZING summer interns, Caitlin O’Brien. Caitlin was a huge part of making last week’s visit by the Top 10 Crocs Ambassador Finalists a huge success. Thanks again, Caitlin.

Top 10 Finalists at The St. Julien Hotel

As a marketing intern for Crocs this summer, I had the privilege of helping out with the Vitamin C Ambassadors Program this past week. The 10 finalists came to Boulder, Colorado for an exciting few days. Preceding their arrival, I was so nervous for no practical reason, maybe it was just excitement, that I calmed my nerves by memorizing everyone names with a simple description. Chris the pool floater, Kelsey the jumper, Lorraine the runner, and Kat the first pitch lady were some of the nick names I came up with based on their profiles.

I met everyone Wednesday night at the savvy St. Julien Hotel where we enjoyed beverages and appetizers. After mingling for a few hours, we went over the itinerary and a few brave ambassadors strolled around Pearl Street, where I aided as a tour guide. It was no surprise that the highlight of Pearl Street was the Crocs store. Looking rather majestic that night, the new Crocs store was shortly surrounded by six or so Crocs lovers all wearing Crocs, cameras in-hand. I had forgotten my camera but I sure would have liked to take pictures of the madness – both humorous and inspiring.

My first pair of Buff Crocs!

The next day began sharply at 9am in the Crocs store’s conference room. Under lock and key, the ambassadors and I got a real treat – a preview of the product lines for both fall/holiday 2010 and spring/summer 2011! Everyone was “wowed,” so be sure to stay tuned for the new collections. Everyone’s excitement turned to hunger and we enjoyed fabulous tapas at The Med. (There was no shortage of great food on this trip.) After lunch, the ambassadors were assigned a challenge, and I was asked to participate. We were instructed to go visit a local hot spot and write a sample blog. Mine, probably being the least creative, reflected on my school pride and spirit. It was a trip to my school’s football stadium, Folsom Field. GO BUFFS! Folsom field is also the site where I purchased my first pair of Crocs, CU buffalo Beach Crocs. Everyone shared their experiences that night at Centro, a Mexican restaurant on Pearl Street. Chris, Amy, Jon and I shared lobster nachos.

The last day arrived and we all met up at the Tea House for some breakfast. Well all except for one. I had to rescue Amy a good twenty blocks away. Unfortunately, she walked right past the Tea House and kept on walking. Was it her comfy Crocs? The first half of the day was spent getting everyone to their one-on-one interviews, photos, and video blogs in a timely fashion. Sorry guys for being a bit frazzled with time restrictions. And, thank you to my dearest Farrah Crocs for keeping my feet sore-free. We then said our farewells over root beer floats at the West End Tavern with more food. What a great couple of days. Good luck to the 10 finalists. I already miss you all!

Last lunch on rooftop of Westend